Capricorn 2019 Love Horoscope

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Neither your 7th House of Love and Marriage nor your llth House of Friendships is a House of Power this year, Capricorn. Thus these issues take a back seat to other things. The year 2019 seems more like a 'play' year rather than a marriage year. I expect that the status quo will be the result. Singles will remain single and married people will remain married.

An Eclipse in your 7th House on 1st July could shake your love life up a bit. And while it might not lead to an immediate change in marital status, it could lead to changes in attitudes about marriage (or about being single). Married people will have a chance to correct flaws in the relationship. Singles will perhaps contemplate a more serious involvement.

But the main thrust of the year, especially for singles, regards uncommitted love affairs. There will be plenty of these - especially from 15th February to 1st July. Not only is this kind of love plentiful, but it seems very enjoyable and happy as well. We can well understand why you express no interest in marriage this year!

Two kinds of lovers come into the picture. The first type is a mirror image of yourself. This person is sober, practical, businesslike and ambitious. Very worldly. You are comfortable with this type. But another type comes into the picture as well. This type is spiritual, spontaneous, spends money like water, is educated and creative - and probably not very worldly. This type you find not as comfortable but very fascinating. You could waver between the two for months.

The Moon is your Love Planet. And since the Moon moves through your entire Horoscope very quickly, love and romantic opportunities tend to come to you in a many different ways. Your needs and attitudes to love change quickly. When the Moon waxes, your social magnetism will tend to be strongest. When it wanes, your social magnetism (and enthusiasm) also tends to wane. Thus if you are scheduling parties or dates you can adjust your schedule accordingly. See the month-by-month forecasts for more details.

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