Capricorn 2020 Love Horoscope

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This should be an interesting and ultimately happy social year. Singles are likely to marry and marrieds will either improve their present relationship or find something new.

You are all entitled to a happy and fulfilling love life. If because of fear or lack of self-esteem you have settled for less, the cosmos will force change.

This will come from the eclipses that are pummelling your 7th House of Love. There is one on January 9th, another on June 21st and a third on December 30th. The first two are the most significant, as they prepare the way for Jupiter to do its job.

The eclipses will reveal the flaws in a present social condition and thus lead to correction – or a desire for correction. If you are not aware of any flaws there is little you can do.

If you are aware, then you are forced to find solutions.

Singles will become increasingly dissatisfied with their ‘single’ status. Dead-end relationships will probably dissolve. Thus you will be in a position to meet the significant other waiting in the wings. Marriage is a strong probability this year.

Marrieds will also become dissatisfied with their present relationship. But here there is some free will involved. If the relationship is basically sound it will endure and get even stronger. But if it is fundamentally flawed it will dissolve. This too is good, as the cosmos has a new love waiting in the wings.

Jupiter moving through the 7th House also shows new and important friends coming into the picture. Friendships of the 7th House are very different from friendships of the 11th House – they are heart friendships.

You may not have anything in common with these people, in fact they can be your opposite in almost every way – yet you love them and they you.

Friendships of the 11th House are based on common interests or common ideas. The friendships you are making now are heart friendships.

Jupiter is Lord of your 12th House of Spirituality. This shows many interesting trends in love. One, you will be attracting more spiritually-orientated types into your social sphere.

Two, there is more idealism in love and a search for perfection. Three, love comes to you as you get involved in charitable activities or volunteer work for a cause you believe in.

Four, your intuition is being trained through social issues as well as financial ones. You will see that intuition is not only the short-cut to wealth, but also to love.

You can’t allow yourself to be influenced by issues of ‘image and appearance’ alone – your intuitive sense needs to agree.

Five, spiritual compatibility becomes as important as all the other compatibilities that lovers look for. If that is lacking the relationship is doomed – most likely it won’t even interest you. You will receive much love guidance from dreams and through psychics, astrologers and mentors or gurus.

When the Lord of the 12th House transits an area of life it always brings revelation. Now revelation (the shedding of new light) has both positive and negative consequences.

It shows what is – impersonally. It shows the good and the bad. In one sense it is merciless.

Thus I expect some awakenings in love and in your judgement of other people. The good part is that when you see the bad, you will be in a position to either correct it or protect yourself. This is a year of social revelation.

The social life of a parent or parental figure and your siblings maintains the status quo. The love life of children of marriageable age is stormy.

Married children are having a crisis in their marriage. Single children are also experiencing a crisis in their relationships. Grandchildren of marriageable age have good marriage opportunities this year – especially early in the year.

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