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Relationships have been a powerful learning curve for you over the last few years, Capricorn, as you are better learning how to stand up for yourself but also work better as a team with someone who truly respects and values you. This trend will continue into June 2020 for many reasons, most notably because of the cycle of eclipses that bring destiny to your doorstep. In life, we have free will, but there are also mighty forces that help us evolve into who we are meant to be and teach us that as much as we try to orchestrate our life, we aren’t in complete control. The dominion of the universe can be scary to many Capricorns because you like to strategize your plans. One of the things that eclipses can teach you is that life happens when you’re open to it rather than letting the fear of the unknown cripple you, and not trying to always control it so it’s “perfect” in your eyes.

On June 5, an electric lunar eclipse in Sagittarius resounds (your solar twelfth house). It marks a moment when you will feel the need to lie low and potentially run for cover. This is because some of your secrets and fears could be exposed, or you must face the truth about something you took for granted that isn’t what you had demanded it be. Oftentimes, this is about anxieties and illusions you hold within you in an attempt for self-preservation of the ego rather than attacks from someone else. This is an excellent time to heal, release, and surrender love into the universe. The more that you trust that the cosmos has your back, the more you can learn to embrace more beauty in colors you may not even know.

The solar eclipse in Cancer (your solar seventh house) on June 20 is probably the most important moment of the month for you because it marks a brand-new beginning in your relationships. For happily committed Capricorns, this is a time when you could decide to become engaged, get married, move in together, or take your partnership to the next level. This is sacred, as you can dance with a twin flame. Single Capricorns could align with a soul mate who is looking for goals similar to yours, but don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. You must open your heart and show the universe that you are ready.

Also important to note this month is the movement of Venus, planet of love and beauty, which has been retrograde and will continue to be throughout most of the month. She is saying that it’s okay to revise love. Remember that romance is a dance together rather than just an idea we create, like a map. Music, like dance, works in unison and harmony. For some Capricorns, this signals that you could reunite with an ex to bring fire back to your life, if the timing is right, or let it go because you’ve learned what you needed to learn and you’re both ready for peace.

Despite your hunger for answers right away, Mercury retrograde begins on the seventeenth in your sector of partnership (your solar seventh house). Again, the universe is saying that you must openly communicate your needs and wants in your commitments. Or, quite possibly for single Capricorns or those who still love someone from the past, your divine time to reunite is now before the cosmos shifts and closes the door once and for all.

Standout days: 7, 15, 26
Challenging days: 11, 25, 26

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