Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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With the mighty sun igniting your zodiac sign at this time, it is your birthday season! You have or will soon go through your solar return, when you can make important plans for the year ahead. Consider how you’d like to build your life, and take action to manifest your goals in the days that follow the new moon that takes place on January 12 in your zodiac sign. This provides a doorway for you to pursue some of your most heartfelt plans and desires. This luminary provides the boost you need to aim high and to soar.

It is also clear that passion and love will be important to you right now as Mars heats up your solar fifth house until March. Single Capricorns will have a tremendous opportunity to find a soul-mate connection, whereas committed ones may feel the spice reignite within their relationship. Those Capricorns pursuing conception and pregnancy also have Mars on their side.

Another major focus this month is money, and the universe is especially focused on bringing you more. You have the Midas touch now and for the year ahead, so hustle and watch it come to you like a magnet.

However, if you need to sign new contracts, be aware that Mercury rules communication and is approaching another retrograde, which begins on the thirtieth. Try to tie up any legal issues before that.

Last to note is that you will experience a full moon in your solar eighth house on January 28, which could spotlight a debt, loan, scholarship, or investment matter. Be aware, though, that with the approaching retrograde, you need to read the fine print before you lock yourself into something long term.

Standout days: 1, 9, 13
Challenging days: 12, 23, 26

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