Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

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This could be a productive week for you if you can overcome an issue early on. An intense aspect involving warrior Mars in a prominent zone and manipulative Pluto in your sign could see you in a face-off with someone in authority. How you deal with this depends on the outcome you want. If you aren’t worried about the consequences, fine. However, if you need to stay on the right side of this person, a compromise might be better.

As cautious Saturn in your sign angles toward aquatic Neptune, you may find that collaborating on an idea could work out very well. While you provide the practical know-how, the other person can add the creative and imaginative flair. The combination of both could work out well. And if others are eager to get on board, their input can also boost results.

Finally, an intense conversation over the weekend could inspire you to get to know someone in more depth.

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