Capricorn 2019 Horoscope

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If your birthday occurs from January 8th to the 21st, you met some intense personal changes during the early part of the year. You were confronting your fears, purging a negative sense of attachment, and had the opportunity to become whole.

Capricorns born from December 23rd to January 4th were battling illusion, especially those illusions which bred self-deception. Perhaps you were drawn to bring the spiritual into your everyday existence, to make every action and thought one with the All. Or you may have craved escape, hoping to find a way to free yourself from the burdens of the physical plane. The lesson was to acknowledge your spiritual path and surrender to the will of your Higher Self.

The new year begins with three major long-term planetary cycles in the sign of Capricorn. During 2019, you can make tremendous strides in your growth. Your ability to focus will help you take advantage of opportunities to achieve some long-desired accomplishment. You do have tests, however. You must be honest, responsible and willing to work in order to use these energies to their fullest.

The advantages presented through Jupiter's opposition to your Sun in the first seven months of 2019 catapult you into a powerful position. You may find success easier to achieve by coupling your determination with a strong sense of optimism and confidence. Allowing yourself to feel good about sharing your time, energy or resources can also benefit you in ways which will grow over the next 12 years.

You're breaking ground and are ready to move into new territories if your birth occurred from December 28th to January 1st. It might now be easier for you to acknowledge intuitive guidance and to use that know-ingness to help you move farther faster. Uranus con-juncts your Sun; you can allow yourself to feel okay if you are breaking from tradition and trying it your way. You may be needing more stimulation. How can you achieve that without upsetting the natural balance? It is important that you be clear about what you've outgrown. What you are actually changing is your attitude about expressing yourself.

How can you best use the energy of reform and liberation?

If your birth occurred January 2nd-7th, you may be looking at the inner you more closely. You are becoming more sensitive, opening more fully to expanded awareness. This can create confusion because the world does not look the same anymore. Your fantasies can help you gain fulfillment, or they can lead you into self-delusion. If you experience a sense of spiritual illumination during 2019, you will find yourself entering an entirely different life direction.

Saturn conjuncts your Sun in Capricorn if your birth occurred from January 6th to the 21st. This cycle will not return for another 29 years, so it is of major importance. Become aware of what your work really is. Are you fulfilled? If not, what is missing? Responsibility and necessity raise their heads now. Anything you've been shirking looms larger than life. But you can also make 2019 a period of overcoming your limitations and strengthening your self-respect. If you feel overcome by fear, can you release the fear and use it as a caution signal instead of a stop sign? This is the time to come to terms with who you really are.

You receive some assistance from the energy of Pluto if your birth falls from January 6th to the llth. Getting rid of blockages can be more easily accomplished now. If it has no purpose, you can readily release it.

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