Capricorn April 2020 Horoscope

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Personal affairs, home, and family need extra attention. Siblings can play an important role, and may offer the objectivity you need to clarify important decisions.
Overindulging in your favorite temptations can leave you feeling sluggish or spent. Although this is a good time for recreation and sports, you may not feel strongly driven to compete. If you need motivation to exercise, commit to a class or work out with a buddy.
You crave the experience of sharing love and pleasure, and you’re likely to be more romantic. You’ll even surprise yourself some of the time! The Moon on April 15 prompts a different approach with family, centered on freer expression and appropriate responsibilities. By the time the Moon arrives on April 30, a quiet romance is tested. If you feel the urge, you may be ready to make a commitment. Be sure you mean it, because time will test your resolve!
Business presentations, meetings, or conferences provide a positive forum for your projects or ideas through April 16. Construct a solid plan for accomplishing your aims, align yourself with those who share your interests and ideals, and you’ll be building a sound foundation for success. Investing in real properly seems more feasible after April 21, because you’re unlikely to feel like speculating on something as flimsy as an idea.
Choose your friends and associates wisely, and avoid taking responsibility for things they need to accomplish on their own. Honesty overrides deception and undermining.

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