Capricorn August 2019 Horoscope

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Business travel, writing, educational pursuits, and cultural exchange all work to strengthen your sense of purpose, and may also lead to advancement in your reputation or career.

You may feel drawn to pursue fitness activities that integrate a philosophical ideal, such as the Eastern disciplines or hatha yoga. Your mind-body link needs to be fine-tuned.

Your love life gains momentum, and you may find it easier to connect with your partner (or to meet someone new) while pursuing the fulfillment of your spiritual needs. Whether you're traveling with your sweetheart or on your own, you may be inspired to open your life to new directions by seeing more of the world or exploring other cultures.

This same inspiration can enliven your relationship, and may also stimulate a true meeting of the minds. The Moon on the 3rd marks a critical time in negotiating joint ventures, and can be the beginning of something that has long-term benefits.

Legal proceedings, business travel, publishing, and writing all move ahead through the 16th, but after Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, you may run into a few delays or surprising changes. Avoid jumping to conclusions or overreacting to situations that seem beyond your control after the 21st.

Allow your vision for the future to shape your present circumstances by making agreements that give you plenty of room to expand from the 1st—18th.

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