Capricorn December 2020 Horoscope

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More satisfying rewards from career can come in many forms, but you’re also likely to experience recognition and advancement if you’ve been working toward meaningful goals. You’re also making better use of your resources.
Strengthening your body while increasing stamina and endurance are good fitness goals.
You may also feel like working toward overall conditioning, using holistic thinking and complementary approaches to enhance your health.
The flow of love — giving and receiving— opens more freely, and it’s easier to feel unconditional in your experience of loving.
The spiritual quality of love allows a different dimension to evolve in your relationships, and you may feel comfortable with someone who seems like a soulmate. This higher quality filters into your partnership, and by the Moon on December 22, you may accomplish a sense of deep bonding.
Your influence in career can confer greater power, which can be gratifying after your hard work. There can be a few holdouts in your way until after December 13, and exposing others who have a hidden agenda helps clear the air. Impulsive spending has negative repercussions from December 6 to 16. Then, finances improve, and during the Moon on December 22 you may also garner the support of a valuable partner.
Clearing the way for long-term success does not have to be destructive, but you may have to separate from factions or situations that waste your resources.

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