Capricorn January 2020 Horoscope

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Getting ahead in your career is a high priority. You should enjoy strong success, even though you may feel that you re being tested along the way. Meeting challenges, working under deadlines, and dealing with limitations are all part of the picture.
To keep your energy flowing, it’s imperative that you find adequate ways to let go of mounting tension. Winter sports can stimulate fitness and fun, as long as you heed reasonable limits. Your stamina may seem low after January 17, so pace yourself.
The Moon on January 1 draws your attention to issues surrounding partnership or marriage, and can mark a time of deepening commitment if you’re in the right situation. Improved understanding brings welcome changes. Family pressures mount as the month continues, and you may feel estranged from your old support system, especially if you have different points of view.
Conservative attitudes toward finances give way to experimental changes from January 10 to 16, but you’re unlikely to take unnecessary risks. Capitalizing on innovative changes or expanding markets works to your advantage, although launching a pet project during the Capricorn Moon on January 17 can meet with delays. If you need funding, your sponsor may appear near the lunar eclipse on January 31.
Know your competition before you step into the ring, because underestimating what you’re up against can be your biggest liability. This is one time that knowledge is definitely power.

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