Capricorn January 2019 Horoscope

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Your drive to accomplish your career aims is intense, but you may run into competition or can feel strongly challenged. If necessary, you can defend your position, but try not to instigate turmoil.

Stress on the job can wear you down, and even if you feel that you do not have time to devote to fitness, at least do something. But pushing too hard or taking unnecessary physical risks can lead to trouble.

Home and family need a little extra attention. You may feel motivated to do something special for the people you love, and this is a wonderful time to share your dreams for the future or to indulge your fantasies (at least a little!).

Concentrate on becoming a good listener, since jumping to conclusions can ruin your plans. Show your partner how much you care during the Moon on the 23rd, and address issues of trust if they arise.

Even though you may want to launch a plan of action during the Moon on the 8th, everything may not yet be in place to ensure the success you desire. Mercury's retrograde until the 12th is accompanied by cycles that show probable delays. Watch the details, and get your budget on track before you move forward.

Things can collapse under the weight of unfinished business, so avoid procrastination like the plague. By making a careful assessment of the situations at hand, you can avoid a lot of problems. Those feelings of fear may indicate a need for extra caution, but you can still make progress.

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