Capricorn July 2019 Horoscope

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Old issues that were not resolved at the first of the year can be a problem now. It's also critical to concentrate on completing projects that have dragged along, or to abandon situations that are simply useless.

You're more apt to hang onto tension, and need good outlets to release energy. Stay active, allow time for rest and rejuvenation, and do something nice for your body. Schedule a massage after the 23rd.

You may feel pressured or frustrated in your sexual relationship, and need to find out why. If the question is control, then it's important to maintain your personal boundaries and to avoid overrunning the boundaries of others.

But you also need to deal with family responsibilities in a way that allows you to maintain your personal autonomy. Strive for harmony, internally and externally, especially during the Moon on the 19th.

Partnerships need re-evaluation, especially if someone is not carrying their share of the load. A careful look at strengths and weaknesses can lead to improved productivity, and you may have to let go of situations, people, or products that are just taking up space.

Legal negotiations or contracts show promise near the Moon on the 4th, but read the fine print to avoid getting stuck. Be cautious in joint ventures after the 12th.

Your best progress may not come until after the 25th, although you are getting rid of a lot of clutter. Make room for new growth by eliminating the outworn or non-functional.

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