Capricorn July 2020 Horoscope

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Financial concerns can arise, involving others, jointly held property, taxes, or inheritance. Extract yourself from unfavorable circumstances and cut your losses. This is the perfect time to release things that are no longer working.
Although you may have good intentions, sticking with your fitness program can be difficult due to interruptions in your schedule. As long as you maintain your priorities and find some way to stay flexible, you’ll be okay.
Complex emotional issues are easier to sort out if you let go of all the garbage from the past that keeps creeping into the present. Make a fresh start in partnerships during the Moon on July 12, when you may feel more forgiving. If you’re dissatisfied with the level of intimacy you’re achieving in a love relationship, explore your true feelings. Then, during the lunar eclipse on July 28, you may find it easier to release old attachments and open your heart to love.
Not only does Mercury go retrograde from July 12 until August 5, but you may find it almost impossible to get anyone to uphold their commitments. Vague answers, incomplete information and delayed communication all complicate the picture — so you may have no choice but to take it easy and deal with things one at a time. Getting past the hype is easy once you know the truth!
You may as well clean out those closets, cupboards, and drawers. (You may do it anyway if you’re looking for something!) It’s time to get rid of useless clutter.

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