Capricorn June 2019 Horoscope

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Cooperation from others leads to an increase in productivity, and you may feel much more confident about the benefits of partnership. Concentrate on improving your work environment. Learning about your physical needs and making an assessment of your current physical status gives you a good base line now.

Information may be your best weapon in fighting a chronic problem. Questions about your needs and roles in a partnership can arise, and if you try to ignore any problems, they're likely to surface in negative ways by mid-month. Explore your hopes and your fears, and try an honest conversation to uncover any conflicts.

If it's time to end the relationship, you'll know. But it may just be time to end the way you've been doing things. Give yourself time to contemplate your deeper feelings during the Moon on the 20th. Although things are going pretty smoothly at work, you may discover that someone's hidden agenda gets in the way of progress from the 4th—12th.

Look into old problems that never seem to get resolved, since now you may have some ideas about how to turn them around. Business travel, meetings, or conferences show promise from the 1st—22nd, and some social events after the 22nd can provide a good chance to run shoulders with the right people. Showing genuine appreciation for others is good for your soul, and may also break the ice if you've been in the midst of difficulties.

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