Capricorn June 2020 Horoscope

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Although it can be beneficial to work with others, you may run into problems with those who see you as a threat or whose actions or attitudes undermine the effectiveness of what you’re attempting.
Old problems can re-emerge, particularly if you’ve been indulging in things that aren’t good for you! Denial only gets you into trouble, but taking action to get to the core promises relief and renewed vitality.
Unfulfilled expectations create turmoil with your partner from June 1 to 5, and even though an expensive gift may seem to smooth ruffled feathers, it may not be sufficient if there are deeper problems. Open exploration of intimacy needs leads you to determine whether or not you’re still committed to a partnership during the Capricorn Moon on June 28. Family matters can be excessively complicated this month.
You may feel more driven to accomplish career aims, and competition only spurs you forward. Knowing your limits is important, though, because if you’re driven by ego or if you ignore reality, you can waste time and resources. A fresh approach to work brings improvements during the Moon on June 13, and you may also gain momentum due to assistance from a valuable partner after June 22.
Probing into your deeper motivations helps you understand your drives and needs, and if you can surrender attachments to the things you no longer need you’ll attract meaningful support.

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