Capricorn March 2020 Horoscope

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Expanding your base of operations requires reasonable restraint, and your practical approach helps stabilize situations that seem to lack cohesiveness or clarity. Your reputation is strengthened by your leadership or direction in group or community endeavors.
Team sports, fitness classes, or personal fitness challenges help you stay in shape and let go of stress from work. Pleasurable activities are high on the agenda after March 19. Perhaps a retreat or vacation would be in order!
The spiritual quality of your close relationships is strengthened during the Moon on March 2, although you may not feel that you enjoy the full measure of intimacy you crave. Romance is most promising after the Moon on March 17, when you may be quite enamored with someone unusually striking (or you may see aspects of your partner you’ve not seen before).
Allocate ample time for family, or you’ll hear about it during the Moon on March 31.
Mercury’s retrograde from March 10 to April 2 may be accompanied by unfulfilled expectations, especially if you haven’t clarified your aims with superiors or if you’ve strayed outside the “rules.” Even though you may be tempted, avoid high-risk speculation from March 18 to 31. It can save you money and reputation.
Employ what you’ve already learned to avoid pitfalls. If you’re uncertain, use this time to research, investigate problems, and make repairs where necessary.

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