Capricorn May 2020 Horoscope

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Your artistic and creative talents are more readily noticed, leading to advancement and recognition in career and greater personal satisfaction. You may still feel that something’s missing, so you’ll be prompted to do some serious soul-searching.
Stress from work can drain your physical vitality unless you make a conscious effort to relax, let go, and reduce tension. Exercise is always helpful, but you may also need to air some of your grievances or deal with emotional issues therapeutically.
It’s much easier now to get in touch with your deepest sense of love without surrendering to excessive romantic fantasy. Still, allowing love to flow may take practice. If you’re in a relationship, talk about your feelings and needs with your partner, and show your appreciation for what your partner brings to the relationship. Matters of the heart gain momentum during the Moon on May 15.
Your competitive edge returns to career endeavors, and by blending your drive and determination to succeed with your best abilities you can accomplish a great deal. Problems arising from May 7 to 18 require clarification and honesly. Work relations are complex near the Moon on May 30, when you may prefer to concentrate on projects quietly behind the scenes. Investments fare best from May 17 to 21.
Working cooperatively with others can expand your ability to manifest your vision, but you are in no mood to deal with those who lag behind or leave their work for you to do.

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