Capricorn October 2019 Horoscope

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Career takes top priority, but you may be doing more work behind the scenes than in the public eye. Keep communication going, and watch for situations that could undermine your progress.

Your inner self needs a little extra attention, and you'll find that giving yourself time for reflection, meditation, or contemplation helps keep everything in perspective. Honor your needs for sleep and rest this month.

Keeping your private life private is of utmost importance, and you'll resent prying or interference where it is uninvited. Quiet entertaining or laid-back experiences are much more enticing to you during the Moon on the 15th than public displays.

You're in the mood to share some of your favorite fantasies, and might even enjoy enacting a few with your lover. If you need to talk over any problems, consult with a good friend during the Moon on the 31st.

Launching significant projects during the Moon on the 1st can work to your advantage, but you may also run into a few delays by the 12th or 13th.

These interruptions can give you a chance to take a second look, and you'll do yourself a favor by reviewing any important documents or presentations with care. Political actions or community concerns work to your advantage after the 26th.

This is a great time to clear up situations from the past and finalize deals that have been dragging you down. You have the best success from the 1st—8th and again after the 24th.

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