Capricorn October 2020 Horoscope

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Advertising, educational pursuits, travel, or publishing offer the best avenues for increasing your influence and outreach. Setting new goals, both long- and short-term, helps you clarify your direction and define your professional identity.
Adventurous experiences add zest to your life, and after October 18 you may feel a renewed sense of vitality. Your competitive edge emerges mid- month, prompting you to become involved in sports, fitness activities, or to live a more active lifestyle.
Living out your romantic fantasies (well, I won’t tell anybody, so your secret’s safe!) might be easier if you’re in a new place. Travel can bring marvelous possibilities to reality after October 6, but be careful from October 16 to 19, when you may feel emotionally vulnerable. Your passionate nature intensifies during the Moon on October 24, when your earthy sensuality makes a lasting impression.
Straighten out finances from October 1 to 7, and then let your assets go to work for you after the Moon on October 9. Investments fare best after October 18, and show a profit by the end of the month. Schedule business meetings after October 14, but watch out for those jealous of your position or influence, because their attempts at undermining could set you back. Align yourself with those who share your values and ideals.
Even though some situations still seem rather vague, you are capable of clarifying your direction and forging a solid path toward professional and personal success.

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