Capricorn September 2020 Horoscope

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Finally, progress is being made—although you may still run into vague promises from others. Relying on your own resources to get the job done may be more work, but could be worth the effort if it will avoid delayed gratification.
Inner work brings your whole life into perspective. Whether you’re keeping a dream diary, a personal journal, or you’re in dialogue with a counselor, it’s time to activate your imagination and keep your energy flowing. Subtle therapies like reiki can be quite successful.
An unhealthy relationship ends, and patterns that once set the stage of your love life are abandoned in favor of more fulfilling options. If you’ve wondered about trust, the mystery is gone, replaced by a true picture during the Moon on September 9. Family ties and issues on the home front can be a source of frustration after September 16, with problems below the surface emerging during the Moon on September 25.
Take inventory and get rid of products that aren’t moving or costly investments through September 11. Financial losses from unexpected cost overruns or poor workmanship can be a problem, and you need to look into anything suspicious if you are to avoid deception or undermining. To safeguard your reputation, promise only what you can deliver.
Investigation unearths interesting information. By probing beneath the surface you may also find something of value.

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