Capricorn Baby

Capricorn from infancy is able to look at others as an adult, as if assessing the situation, analyzing everything that happens around him. Capricorn is very dependent on close people, he constantly wants to feel the mother’s presence, her approval, affection, hear her voice, smell. Little Capricorn is very timid, he is afraid of unfamiliar surroundings, strangers, sharp sounds, he begins to cry when he feels in danger, urging his mother to protect him. Later, when the baby stands on the legs, mastering the world during walks will face the same difficulties — the kid, just a little, will be ready to jump to his mother’s hands, or wrap himself in the floors of her coat. It is very important for him to know that at any moment adults with him are ready to help him. Affectionate tactics of parents will help the child to be more confident in himself, get rid of fear, and even with interest to play with the children on the playground.

Little Capricorn is very independent, he likes to dress himself, clean up toys, feed fish in the aquarium. From an early age, Capricorn will show responsibility and accuracy, never forgetting his duties. Favorite toys for Capricorn will serve dishes from the kitchen, shoes, tools. He will become interested in books, and it is necessary to support his interest at all costs, to be interested in fairy tales and stories, and then the kid will get a good stimulus for reading. To argue this child loves very much, and, in order to make his fantasies substantive, read with him more often, and then compose his stories from books, with another story and denouement.

The reasoning of Capricorn, his conclusions are similar to the reasoning of an adult, he takes everything too seriously. That’s why Capricorn has a shortage of sense of humor, and toddler, if you joke, you’ll have to explain for a long time what you wanted and where you need to laugh. Jokes with subtexts mislead him, because he perceives the meaning of words, but is not inclined to think logically. Do not tease little Capricorn — he needs support, a smile and a soft explanation of incomprehensible moments.

By school, Capricorn gets used to it well, and feels very comfortable there, with pleasure performing training tasks. The problem can arise with classmates, because in the crowd of children there are rascals, they can push, call. Each small trick Capricorn will take very painfully, and if the atmosphere in the classroom is tense, unhealthy — may lose interest in studying, refusing to go to school. If the kid is able to acquire friends in the children’s team, then, with the support of comrades, such moments will be easier to experience, because he will no longer feel lonely. He would like to help his friends at school, he will participate in class activities and feel his need. In the collective of children, Capricorn plays a positive role — he is very cautious, and he will never go to a rash act, and will not allow others to do stupid things. The teacher’s task is to adapt the little Capricorn to the team, help him find friends, show his talents and abilities.

Capricorn Boys

Capricorn boys often look older than their peers, born under the signs of fire, who seek to demonstrate their abilities. Unlike them, the Capricorn boy will achieve the goal, without raising the noise. He often prefers an adult society, as peers seem to him unreasonable children. But at the same time, Capricorn is not at all good: he simply does not see the point in games and pranks — he will find things more interesting.

He likes to plan life, to know what and when it should happen, he has an innate tendency to order and discipline. Strong leadership and self-discipline help him in the years to come. The more confident he is in his childhood, the more he will be able to open up in communication with people when he grows up. But if in the early years he lacked stability, his whole life he will compensate for this defect, building around him a reliable wall, which in the end will be a prisoner.

The Capricorn boy is intelligent and judicious, but innate shyness often prevents him from showing his dignity. Capricorn often waits for him to be asked, not to express his opinions and ideas. In addition, he is always aware of the need to behave properly.

Capricorn Girls

Since Capricorns admire such qualities as strength of spirit, independence and self-control, girls born under this sign know what they want, and do not want to be considered weak and effeminate. Capricorns girls try to take their place in life on an equal footing with men. They do not believe that they are not capable of anything just because they were born as girls. They are single-minded, have exceptional courage and endurance.

Capricorn girls want to be useful and get recognition in the family. Assign such a girl a special job, and she will be proud, coping with it. This child will not forget to feed the fish or bring garden chairs into the house during the rain. Capricorns do not consider daily business boring and useless, they like to learn, acquire new skills and cope with practical tasks. In this, Capricorns achieve excellent results.

No matter how mature the Capricorn girls may seem, they lack confidence because Capricorns are extremely demanding of themselves and always believe that they are able to make more efforts and achieve better results. The best gift they can get from parents is the understanding that they do not need to spend so much energy to earn parental approval. The Capricorn girl should be explained: you love her regardless of her achievements.

Advice for parents of the Capricorn-childs

With these "little adults" you need to speak their language. They are not afraid of responsibility and appreciate very much when they communicate with them as equals. Young Capricorns are not recommended to ridicule — many jokes they simply do not understand. They are slow and cautious, but it’s better not to rush them. Given this, everything should be set aside in advance for a sufficient amount of time.

For children of this sign of the Zodiac, it is important to have an authoritative example; Well, if they become a father or grandfather. With Capricorns, you can and should watch movies or read books about great people. Capricorns are modest, but often this does not prevent them from criticizing the household and loudly annoyed for minor reasons. Teach them a more lenient attitude toward others, inspire them with the idea that all people are different, and this is no reason to consider them worse than themselves.

Capricorns children do not like guests, so you should avoid noisy gatherings in the house. Do not insist that they go to visit and with you if they are against it. The most important moment in the education of Capricorns is the instilling of an optimistic view of the world. Do not let them go into themselves, long stay in a gloomy mood. Try to make the little Capricorn’s attitude to life and everything around him easier and more positive.

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