Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the astrology and it is ruled by the planet Saturn. Element, which is belonging to this astrological sign is Earth while symbol for this zodiac sign is mountain goat. People who have born in between December 22 and January 20 belong to astrological sign Capricorn. However, recommended gemstone is Garnet, Capricorn are hard worker in their lives and that is why they achieve all they want.

Capricorns are always practical, best organizer and ambitious, while success and authority stimulate their life. As a friend they are very trustworthy and sympathetic in nature, the member of this astrological sign are very keen about their success. It is good habit of Capricorn that they always fulfill the task if they take a responsibility. Capricorn have some strongest point of their personality like they are a trustful responsible, they are tolerant, determined, capable and dutiful. Similarly Capricorn has some weak aspects just as autocratic, reserved, disbelieve and uninspired.

Capricorns free and independent and they do not trust on others because they are fully aware about potential and they can do everything with zeal and spirit. Capricorn are very conscious about trading and they invest their capital wisely, member of this astrological sign are very organized and disciplined in their daily life and complete their goals and tasks within mentioned time.

Garnet is the prime recommended birthstone for the astrological sign Capricorn, but there are some other valuable gemstones are also related with this zodiac sign just as blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Ruby and Turquoise. The Garnet has its amazing effective properties, but its color, crystal structure and characteristics are different for different person. Capricorn personalities are very much under the influence of this precious gemstone Garnet and this stone leaves its influence on Capricorn.

Garnet gets all energies from its ruling planet Saturn and reflex them toward the wearer of this gemstone. The Garnet impacts on various characteristics of Capricorn like it enhances purity, truthfulness and leadership qualities. Moreover, it influences understanding, commitments and removing negative thinking. Garnet is most valuable gemstone and as a birth stone it has some unique and effective healing properties, which cure some ailments in Capricorn. Garnet cure some health disorders such as blood related issues, cardiovascular problems, respiratory tract infections and this stone is also in practice to overcome sexual related problems. Garnet is an amazing gem that is mystically related with confidence, creativity and inner strength. In ancient times Garnet was also used as a protective measures from various dangers and mishaps.

Garnet is available in various colors and shades, but famous color of Garnet is dark red. Garnet is also present in other colors like green, brown, pink, purple, gray and black. The harness of Garnet is 6.5 to 8.5 on Mohs scale, it shows its appearance from transparent to translucent. Garnet is a precious rare gemstone and usually it is opaque in appearance, this stone is helpful to attracting new friends. This gemstone creates and develop a strong connection with nervous system.

Garnet is such a type of birthstone that develop sincerity to your family and enhance courage and stamina. This stone is beneficial for career selection, success and leadership. Garnet is lucky stone for business and success and getting achievements. Color changing garnet is most attractive and rare that display different rays of colors. Garnet is a mixture of silicate minerals, but not a single stone. This gemstone is now considered a semi precious stone and protects the wearer from evils and negative thoughts. Garnet is famous from ancient time and it was known as the warriors stone for protection of any kind of cut and wound. Garnet main source is located in Africa, while there are some others location where this gemstone is extracted like Brazil, India and the USA.

Capricorn Gemstone Meaning

Some people say that lucky stone for Capricorn has quite variations, that work differently to support different aspect of their life. Below are some stones that will work best for people under the Capricorn sign:

Garnet Stone; the stone garnet, in Hindi, best represents Capricorn sign, which conducts the energy of its ruling planet, Saturn. This lucky stone for Capricorn will affect one’s life in part of promoting sympathy, promoting health generative system, and stimulating sexual function. People can get the maximum impact of the stone if wearing the polished one.

Onyx Stone; besides garnet, Capricorn also responds to onyx gemstone, which generates wisdom and peace for the wearer. The stone keeps the people grounding, boosting their responsibility sense, pushing them to achieve their ambition and bringing appreciation in life. If a Capricorn wears onyx, they will sense the possible problem that may come and serve as aid to help them.

Lapis Lazuli Stone; the next lucky stone for Capricorn is lapis lazuli, which is highly connected to Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. Lapis lazuli is a relatively rare gemstone and capable to bring positive impacts on people under Capricorn zodiac sign. The stone will allow its wearer to improve their awareness and open up new perspective. Lapis lazuli is also a great aid for Capricorns to keep their ambition objective and grounded, eliminate negative emotions, as well as improving their creativity.

Tourmaline; as beautiful as its turquoise, deep green strain of tourmaline, this gemstone also brings beautiful effects on the wearer. This particular lucky stone for Capricorn is said to lead the wearers into prosperity and fame. This stone is highly related to the hard work nature of Capricorn that will bring reward to them in form of abundant wealth and fame.

Because Capricorn people are realists and achiever,wearing one of lucky stone of Capricorn will help them to keep grounded, enhance their ability for working hard and keep their ego in check.

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