Capricorn in Combined Astrology

Those born under the Western Zodiac sign of Capricorn are responsible, patient, and self-sufficient. They respect self discipline and pride themselves on their resourcefulness and perseverance. When Capricorns put their mind to a goal there is no stopping them. For people so deeply interested in their own success, members of this sign are also surprisingly sympathetic, helpful, and caring. Capricorns enjoy rising to a challenge, whether or not that challenge is their own or a friend’s. This ambitious and dedicated sign likes to put in a good day’s work and earn the respect of others as well as themselves.

Capricorns have big plans, which means that they are very cautious about letting others into their inner world. To disrupt their plans, even unintentionally, is like spitting in their faces. Capricorns rarely trust anyone else to do the job right and may come across as controlling or even dictatorial at times.

This is not the most imaginative of the Western Zodiac signs. Instead, Capricorns enjoy playing by the rules, painting by the numbers, and knowing that they have taken all of the recommended steps toward success. They are a great combination of practical ability and ambition. There is little a Capricorn can’t do when they dedicate themselves to a goal. However, Capricorns can also overwork themselves to the point where they are wasting a lot of energy instead of stepping back and looking at challenges from a different angle. Feeling “stuck” is the worst case scenario for Capricorns, and usually means they need to take a break.

The sign of Capricorn is all about playing by the book and succeeding, but what they want to succeed at specifically has more to do with other zodiac influences than an inherent Capricorn interest.

Capricorn in Combined Astrology

Combined Astrology is the merging of the 12 signs of the Western zodiac with the 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. I find it a very interesting and accurate form of Astrology and it is perhaps the type that I know the best. Most people are always fascinated when they read their combined sign for the first time. It really does help define who you are, questions that you may have had about yourself that your normal astrological sign hadn’t been able to answer completely can normally be answered using this method. Almost everyone knows there western sign, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, etc but not everyone knows about there Chinese sign.

Unlike the western signs, which are taken from the date of your birth, Chinese astrology is more concerned with the year of your birth and each sign begins on the Chinese New Year. There are 12 animals, The Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Each sign comes around every 12 years, for example I was born in 1978 which was the year of the Horse. The next Horse year after that was in 1990, 12 years later.

The 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac affect Capricorn in different ways. The following analyses show the difference between different kinds of Capricorn.

Capricorn Combinations

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