Goat Capricorn

Dependable, ambitious, and independent, those born under the sign of the Goat Capricorn are also some of the most likely to care about how others perceive them. Of course, they will deny this, but one look at their purposefully constructed appearance will tell you otherwise. Often fitting in by “not fitting in”, members of this sign are often mired in unnecessary self-doubt.

Like their animal namesake, Goat Capricorns don’t make a lot of sudden moves. Instead they cautiously calculate their strategies in life in order to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. They are strong and determined individuals who do their best work when focused on a goal. Like the animal they are far stronger than others realize and can be masterful architects of their own unique little world that few others ever even know exists.

What Goat Capricorns struggle with most is an obsession with prudence. They want to make the right choice all of the time, but as is the case with life they don’t always know ahead of time what the right choice will be. If they don’t make a decision in a reasonable amount of time the choice will linger and fester like a wound, growing ever more difficult to deal with the more time passes. Luckily, with Capricorn representing the solar aspect of this sign, raw ambition will often save the day when logic and planning fail.

Several members of this sign will show signs of advanced intelligence from a young age, and this may cause them to accept the role of “intellectual” for longer than it suits them. It is the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Sheep that brings both intelligence and artistic qualities, and both can be extremely useful when approaching the kinds of challenges that Goat Capricorns like to take on.

Goat Capricorn Traits

You function essentially with your own antennas, for you feel things more than you understand them. In fact, you’re almost always right in trusting your intuition, which is really extraordinary.

You’ve a great thirst for tenderness. But you let yourself be influenced too easily when your sentiments are at play. Thus you’re more often disappointed than satisfied. In order to console yourself, you tend to take refuge in your own universe where everything is idealized. It will be in your interest not to let yourself be trapped by your weakness, especially when one appeals to your goodness or your pity. Indeed, you’re generally ready to give everything without complaining.

Your life is often marked with very painful ordeals and responsibilities which are too heavy for your shoulders. Showing a tendency to masochism, you like to arouse the compassion and admiration of others. With age, you forge for yourself a philosophy colored with stoicism.

In the domain of work, your intuitions are a precious asset. But your lack of initiative can prevent you from reaching the highest peaks. In fact, you prefer being able to help others to having success for yourself. With you, friendship often takes precedence over love, precisely because you’re afraid to suffer from the agonies of passion. Above all, you need to be supported and encouraged within the framework of marriage.

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