Horse Capricorn

Hard working, resilient, and independent, those born under the sign of the Horse Capricorn are always on the move. To them success is of maximum importance. Few signs are as driven as this one. Like everyone else, they may get disappointed by obstacles, but they never let those stop them from getting where they want to go. Horse Capricorn believe in the impossible - if only for themselves.

Like their animal namesake, those born under this sign are willing to fight an uphill (or upstream) battle regardless of what the end goal is. Once they set their mind to accomplishing something, there is almost no way of stopping them. Inside they may have their doubts and fears, but those rarely, if ever, come to the surface.

This sign practically requires its bearers to have an strong ego. One cannot fight through all of the obstacles life throws at them without believing that they are capable of successes that others find impossible. A reasonable amount of ego is healthy for them, but they must be careful not to let ego turn into arrogance. Even if they do succeed at a high level they must remember that the life choices of others are not inferior just because they don’t come along with the wealth or accolades of their own.

It’s no surprise that Horse Capricorn are very attracted to wealth, status, and power. They have an instinctive need to prove their worth, and a fancy job title or pay raise are ways for them to do this. They rarely ever tire and when they do they are likely to seek out friends and family who will listen to their conquests and adventures. They can be a bit conceited once they begin to get results from their efforts. Horse Capricorn tend to think that their approach to life is the best approach and consider stories of their successes proof that this is correct.

Horse Capricorn can be as loud, impatient, and temperamental as they are determined. Their ultimate goal is perfection and they can easily lose sight of all other opportunities in life that have nothing to do with this goal. Confidence is necessary for Horse Capricorn to keep up their pace, but too much confidence can cause them to miss signs that they are off-track. Most Horse Capricorn have a specific passion and should go after what it is that resonates within them. Those who go after only wealth and power without having a deeper need fulfilled will find themselves moving on from jobs and projects faster than they would like to.

Horse Capricorn Traits

This structure gives you the possibility to assert yourself without much difficulty. You’re ambitious, but in a rather moderate and wise manner, for your need of security prevents you from dashing headlong and taking too great risks.

One could say that you’re optimistic and believe in what you do. However, it’s difficult for you to avoid depressive moments and fits of discouragement. It’s often by taking care of others that you can overcome or shirk your personal problems. With age, you’ll acquire wisdom and good self-assurance; you’ll be then in a position to give good counsels.

Careerwise, you’re endowed with a good commercial sense, especially for business in relation with foreign countries. Letters, research, and service activities can also attract you. You’re excellent for an accumulation of advantages in good slowness and with a provident mind, not only for yourself but also for your beloved ones.

In love, you should give in more to your primitive side, which is the least rational and the most spontaneous. Indeed, you generally look for cerebral understanding as a basis for your attachments. However, wise and well balanced as you are, you can sometimes engage yourself on the spur of the moment and find yourself burdened with responsibilities which you didn’t want. You’ve a great sense of duty toward your beloved ones, particularly toward your children.

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