Monkey Capricorn

Independent, self-sufficient, and optimistic, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Monkey Capricorn have a strong belief in themselves and their ability to create and achieve. Highly capable and adaptable, Monkey Capricorns are good at figuring out puzzles and overcoming challenges that others prefer to avoid.

Monkey Capricorns have big ambitions and rarely trust others to perform to their expectations. Because of this, they often take matters into their own hands in order to get things exactly how they want them. They instinctively know that even minor flaws in presentation can counteract a great deal of the hard work they’ve put into a project, so they tend to be much more calculated in their approach to goals and challenges than they might be in other aspects of their lives.

Specific interests and passions are important for this sign. They tend to be very good at the things they are interested in. The more they are interested in a challenge, the farther they can go with it, because Monkey Capricorns never stop working. This sign combines the serious, driven nature of Capricorn with the clever wit of the Chinese Zodiac’s Monkey. When these forces work in harmony, they are practically unstoppable. Monkey Capricorns are good at spotting trends, and making plans. They believe that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

In order to function at a high level, members of this sign need an above-average amount of self-confidence. Praise and admiration for their intellect and creative thinking often come at an early age and these individuals are often considered to be intellectually advanced. While this sets them up with the confidence they need to achieve their goals, Monkey Capricorns still must be careful not to turn self-confidence into self-centricity. An active social life is important to balance them out and keep them optimistic. When self-confidence wanes this sign can turn quickly to its dark side, becoming conceited, melancholy, and disinterested in anything other than themselves. When this happens they need to work their way back into confidence. Nothing anyone else can do for them is as powerful as their own ability to create.

Monkey Capricorn Traits

One could say that you’re less of an actor on life’s scene than a spectator interested in what takes place there. Indeed, you’re principally a scientific mind turned toward research, history, archeology, paleontology, study of ideas and philosophies — in sum, toward all that allows to discover the origins and future of the human being. You’ve a taste for obscure or metaphysical jobs. Preferring to stay in the shadow, you work with unsuspected passion. Locked up in a universe of reflection, you talk little and aren’t on the lookout for regular relations with others.

You appear to be standoffish, discreet, and self-effacing; some people may even consider you as secret, but this is rather far from the truth. You’re careful about your freedom of thought as about the apple of your eyes, sometimes showing a caustic mind but without wickedness. You just couldn’t care less about what people may think of you.

Your lifestyle is voluntarily modest and hidden or at least detached. The goods of this world interest you little. But you can experience dazzling successes in the domain of inventions or discoveries. You get help from friends or acquaintances in difficult moments.

Sincere and faithful, you bring more security than warmth in your affective relations. In order to be satisfying, your marriage must be based on friendship and mutual respect.

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