Ox Capricorn

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Ox Capricorn are tireless workers. They can handle the kind of workload that would crush other people, but this can take its toll on other areas of their lives. Ox Capricorns don’t have a lot of hobbies. They prefer mastering one or two skills and stick to those unless they think they can get further ahead a different way. Ox Capricorns are extremely ambitious and though they may seem almost boring on the outside they are internally driven toward greatness.

One of the greatest life challenges for this sign is learning to balance their work with the rest of their lives. Far too often Ox Capricorns push aside all personal joy in order to get as close to perfection as possible. Relationships work for them because they love to help others achieve their goals by creating plans and offering other assistance, but too often this only comes between long stretches of self-focused work.

Ox Capricorns expect a lot from themselves, and they also expect a lot from others. They have little tolerance for those who they don’t think are giving their all. In truth Ox Capricorns can be judgmental to the point of being conceited. They want and expect the best from everyone and often find themselves disappointed that others don’t or can’t live up to their standards.

Ox Capricorn Traits

In order to be well at ease, you need to have certainties. So you proceed in life with your eyes fixed on the ground. Dream has very little room with you; on the contrary, your well-rooted opinions constitute the backbone of your reasoning and comportment.

You want a good way of life, but you see to it in such a way as to lead an existence where there’s little room for surprises. As you abhor the vacuum and the unexpected, it’s toward the stay-at-home and conformist side that you’re inclined.

One could say that you’re lovable but sulky. If you’re slow in getting into an anger, your resentments are tenacious for you’ve a memory like an elephant. You won’t above all forgive those who’ve attempted to endanger your interests.

You find in possessions and accumulation of goods the moral security which is necessary to you. Very much attached to the earth, you can achieve fabulous gains through culture, and investments in land or commerce. In any case, you’re gifted for attracting money and getting a return on it.

In love, you take your time to assure yourself of the sincerity of your sentiments and to choose your partner well. You demand a well-organized home which is based on common interests. You admirably devote yourself to your beloved ones, and like to live in a closed clan according to your own ideas.

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