Pig Capricorn

Determined, dependable, and self-reliant, those born under the sign of the Pig Capricorn are sympathetic and honest friends with a strong desire to find their place in the world. They have great ambitions and though they enjoy a social life will spend a great deal of their time trying to turn their dreams into reality. They have the patience, intelligence, and drive to succeed at whatever task they choose, though it will likely take longer than expected to reach the desired results.

Pig Capricorns build their little empire one step at a time. They have an innocence to them that others don’t want to squash with reality. Like their animal namesake, they will continue to slowly and methodically build their “web” according to plan. If the whole thing gets torn down they take a deep breath and start over, using the skills they learned from past failures to rebuild an even stronger enterprise than before.

Planning is key to this sign. They often have grand ambitions as they are attracted to money and status and ultimately long to earn the respect of others. They are impossibly patient, even though they often find that their plans need to change many times along their course. Depression and manic behavior are both possible if they aren’t careful to keep a work/play balance in their lives. No matter how hard they work they need to have relationships that have nothing to do with their work or ambitions. Because they are so self-reliant they often forget that even they need other people as well as the occasional break in order to recharge their energy.

Pig Capricorns have a reputation for wanting things done a very specific way. They can be difficult to work for at times because they become dictatorial and inflexible at times, demanding of others what they demand of themselves. Though they try to avoid conflict if possible, but even those who volunteer to help them for no personal gain will find that a Pig Capricorn’s standards are impossibly high and much of what they want exists strictly in their heads and imagination.

Members of this sign have a tendency to be critical of others. They live by a certain unspoken philosophy which values hard work and respect while decrying uncertainty and lack of progress. They see anyone not going after their goals as a failure and have a tendency to forget that everyone’s ambitions are different. They hate being disorganized almost as much as they hate listening to people who don’t take action complain about their lives. They are helpful friends but will not enable others to take the easy road.

Pig Capricorn Traits

You’re constantly drawn between two contradictory tendencies — on one hand, the desire for perfect autonomy and an adult life with well assumed responsibilities; on the other hand, the temptation of escape into a well protected universe.

In any case, you’ve an enormous need of affection and warmth, although you’ve difficulty exteriorizing your feelings. You depend much on your close ones for your happiness. You’re profoundly attached to your beloved ones and your home, finding in them the center of stability which reassures you and makes you bloom. You try to highlight your weakness in order not only to keep secret your real moral resistance but also and above all to attract sympathies to yourself. When you’re sufficiently self-assured, you readily let appear the merry side to your character; but when you’re anxious, which is more often the case, it’s your cold, reserved, and ambitious side that surfaces.

You’ve a good flair in financial matters, which generally assures you of good material ease. Your fear of want makes you accumulate possessions. You’re particularly well favored in all that’s related to real estate, antiquities, teaching, and handicraft.

Heartwise, you always have difficulty leaving your family. It’s why, generally, you engage yourself into marriage or stable union only late. You also like to make your life with someone clearly older than you.

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