Rabbit Capricorn

Patient, resourceful, and sympathetic, those born under the sign of the Rabbit Capricorn work hard to get ahead. Lucky in money, members of this sign often pride themselves on having nice homes, furniture, and accessories. Sensitive to their surroundings, they need more than just security - they need to express a style all their own. They know they have to earn what they get, and rarely (if ever) rely on luck or the generosity of others to get by.

Like their animal namesakes, members of the Rabbit Capricorn sign are well known for being specialists. Just as the industrious bird builds incredibly intricate nests to retire in, those born under the sign of the Rabbit Capricorn use their organization, patience, and ingenuity to build an amazing life out of what would otherwise appear to be scraps. While the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rabbit has trouble finishing projects, the Tropical Zodiac sign of Capricorn steps in and takes control when things need to get done.

The “law of attraction” is particularly strong for Rabbit Capricorns in that they are particularly gifted in attracting the things they think about the most. The tricky part is that they are often focused on all the wrong things! The love of money, power, status, beauty, and emotional experience can overpower the very best of intentions for this sign. Likewise, they must be particularly careful to keep a positive, optimistic attitude through hardships as their own attitude will be the biggest factor in how long obstacles take to conquer.

Members of this sign have loads of drive, but a great deal of self-doubt as well. Their own worries and hesitations will be their biggest obstacles, rather than outside forces. Being more artistic and creative than others who share the Capricorn sun sign, Rabbit Capricorns will also be more emotionally sensitive than other Capricorns. When trouble arises they can easily become lethargic and melancholy, though they eventually pick themselves up and keep going.

Rabbit Capricorns are not meant for crisis or conflict. Ever focused on the task at hand, they often avoid uncomfortable situations in order to avoid the negative feelings that come with them. Some Rabbit Capricorns will be excellent in crisis, while others will fall apart under the same circumstances, depending on planetary positions in each individual’s birth chart.

Rabbit Capricorn Traits

One could never say that you’re open and expansive. On the contrary, those who are in touch with you often find you difficult to know. Your suffer from numerous inhibitions and like to evolve in secrecy. Your intelligence is very precise, efficacious, at the same time analytical and synthetical; but it tends to get lost in details, to narrow its horizon instead of widening it.

Those who know your goodwill and your other real qualities like you well. But your rather cold and severe appearance can discourage many. You’re little sociable, you hate social events, and don’t rid your words of certain aggressiveness, even of certain causticity. You like more to give counsels than to ask for them.

You’ve a sense of hard work and responsibilities. Studies and research are your favorite domains. Made for positions of confidence, you do better by pulling the strings than by occupying the limelights. Your best qualities reach their full bloom only in contact with or at the service of someone else. You experience slow but regular professional and material expansion, at the price of constant efforts.

Concerning sentiments, you make more use of your head than of your heart. You insist on controlling your outbursts and avoiding excesses. But you’re very faithful in your affections. You find your happiness in a well-organized home, in a bourgeois and comfortable existence, where your children will occupy a large place.

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