Rat Capricorn

Independent, ambitious, and always on the move, those born under the sign of the Rat Capricorn believe that success comes before all other things. Though they are friendly and social, Rat Capricorns have a burning desire deep inside of themselves to survive and to conquer.

Members of this sign are very independent. They usually learn from an early age that the best way to get what they want is to earn it. While other minor zodiac signs in the birth chart may dilute the strength of this work ethic, it is nonetheless inherent in the consciousness of every Rat Capricorn. Driven in part by ambition and part by fear, those born under this sign yearn for financial stability, but at the same time are more comfortable taking risks than many of their peers.

Overall, this combination (Capricorn in the year of the Rat) is typically a very good one. The Rat keeps Capricorn socially aware and Capricorn gives the Rat an outlet for all of its otherwise nervous energy. When balanced, the sign of Rat Capricorn becomes a sign of quick-witted ambition, drive with purpose, and an unstoppable work ethic. When unbalanced, though, Rat Capricorns can be workaholics driven by the fear of failure, or hermits who see the world as both a threat to their well-being and as an enemy to be conquered. Rat Capricorns do best when they can integrate themselves and their goals with their surroundings and succeed from inside the structured social environment.

Ultimately, Rat Capricorns are survivors first. Like their animal namesake, they don’t like to put parameters on their hunting grounds, preferring to go where the most opportunity is available at any given time. They aren’t the types to ever feel like their job is done and will claw and scratch their way to even the smallest advancements. Rat Capricorns don’t rely on luck to get by - they rely only on themselves.

It is perhaps because of this that Rat Capricorns are very opinionated. They simply cannot understand why everyone doesn’t work as hard as they do and have little sympathy for anyone who chooses pleasure over ambition. This is quite possibly the least attractive trait of this strong-willed sign. While their nature is to be supportive and sympathetic to their family and friends, they secretly can’t stand it when people don’t take their advice. At the same time, others often look at the Rat Capricorn and see someone who is stressed out, controlling, and conceited, which only makes them want to listen to their advice less.

Most members of this sign will reach a point where they have to slow down. Everyone needs to find balance, and this is particularly true with this sign. At some point (usually after they have reached some of their big goals), they will realize that success and victory are not enough to create their own happiness. They need to make time to relish the simple joys in life. don’t have to be so black or white.

Rat Capricorn Traits

You’re a nature which is cerebral, very much interested in ideas and all that’s located beyond appearances, the known, and the concrete. Your intelligence is quick, analytic, but also capable of synthesis.

One can say that you’re rather easy to live with, all the more so as you’ve a well developed sense of humor. But you stay aloof from all that can hurt or inconvenience you, and your overdone critical sense can put obstacles or enmities on your road. Your youth is often marked with bereavements, which strengthen the serious aspect of your temperament.

In your work, you always try to pull strings or resort of subtle combinations so as to make a fortune. You’re gifted for an intellectual career, for research, science, pedagogy, or for all jobs related to teaching and the transmission of knowledge.

Your sentiments are always more or less cerebral. This is to say that you leave little room for passion, dream, and fantasy. It’s difficult for you to let yourself go entirely in love — you always try to analyze your outbursts and feel the fear of being deceived. You need a very stable home so as to feel well in it.

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