Rooster Capricorn

A combination of Capricorn born in the Year of the Rooster, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rooster Capricorn are as hard working, optimistic, and straight-forward as their animal namesake. In the animal kingdom, worker Rooster Capricorns spend their lives grinding away toward a higher purpose while at the same time enhancing and improving the world around them by pollinating flowers, providing honey, and sacrificing themselves for the good of their hive.

This description may make those born under the sign of the Rooster Capricorn sound like the slaves of society, but this is not accurate. If anything, Rooster Capricorns are slaves to themselves and those close to them, but even that is misleading. Members of this sign thrive on their ability to create, manage, and improve their surroundings. They are extremely hard workers with a strong sense of pride and honesty. They take their role in life very seriously (perhaps a little too seriously) and will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to reach their ultimate goals.

While Rooster Capricorns work hard at their respective duties, they are also very social creatures who like to interact with the world around them. The Rooster helps Capricorn to come out of his or her shell, allowing others to experience the humor, honesty, and helpfulness that this sign provides. Not everyone can handle a Rooster Capricorn’s energy, though. Though their honesty is appreciated, they can be painfully blunt with their words and are often disrupting conversations with their need to be seen and heard. Of course, Rooster Capricorns cannot see why anyone would dislike seeing them shine, and often assume that others are simply jealous of their natural talents and charm.

Many of their friends and family think that Rooster Capricorns work too hard. Indeed, they can become obsessive about their work and goals. Though they may feel fine about this, it is important for members of this sign to also take time out and enjoy their lives. Ambition is fine as long as it doesn’t take over, and with this sign that is a real possibility. Rooster Capricorns live and die for their mission, and for most of them that mission is to work until they’ve built themselves an empire.

Rooster Capricorn Traits

You’re endowed with an extremely powerful will, which makes you lift up mountains. In any case, you assign yourself the task of overcoming the obstacles on your road and reaching the peaks. Cold and logical, you do your best to succeed.

One says that you’re secret and one isn’t wrong, for it’s never easy to guess your plans or your intentions — you’re a closed book for others. On the other hand, you’re clever at discovering the secrets of other people or the hidden wheels of things so as to take advantage of them. With your critical power, it’s easy for you to identify the weaknesses of your adversaries. Your tortuous mind is never satisfied with what it has. In sum, you’re a personality who fascinates and disquiets at the same time.

You can succeed brilliantly in science, industry, medicine, and in all careers where it’s necessary to dominate. You can put your willpower at the service of a good work which requires titanic efforts or, on the contrary, at the service of evil and destruction.

Your passions are violent although underground. You’re very much locked up in yourself, which however does not prevent you from being very jealous in love. You’ve a certain taste for suffering or making suffer, which may destabilize your affective relations. Your amorous and conjugal life will require many common efforts and much mutual tolerance. Your sexuality tends to take precedence over your sentiments.

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