Snake Capricorn

Those born under the sign of the Snake Capricorn are significantly different from their fellow Capricorns in their approach to achieving success (a Capricorn hallmark). Rather than climb, climb, climb to the top at a slow and steady pace, Snake Capricorns believe in working smarter, not harder.

Like their animal namesake, members of this sign prefer to wait patiently for opportunity to come to them. Just as the deadly swamp beast sits in motionless silence waiting for prey to mistake the calm waters around them for safety, those born under this sign exemplify a patience, cunning, and tenacity that few others can match. Their success comes not from trudging forward, but from staying perfectly, even unnaturally still, using their instincts to know exactly when to strike. While others may interpret this approach as lazy or lucky (since Snake Capricorns usually end up getting what they want), it works for members of this sign who embrace this aspect of their personality.

Snake Capricorns have very specific tastes and like to get exactly what they want. This often leads to some of this sign’s least attractive behaviors. Members of this sign can be downright snobbish and conceited when they don’t approve of other people’s tastes. They are not trying to be rude, Snake Capricorns simply don’t realize that they don’t hide their true feelings as well as they think they do. They can also come across as overly aloof, indifferent, and elusive in social situations.

The most important life lesson for an Snake Capricorn is to find a balance between all the different sides of life. Having a tendency to get overly focused on one thought or belief, members of this sign need to learn to combine their intelligence and drive with their instincts and passions in order to get the most out of life. There is also a tendency among Snake Capricorns to overly value shows of wealth and success by others. Trying to impress others with success and wealth of their own is likely to lead to imbalance.

Snake Capricorn Traits

One should not be mistaken on your account: under your charming and perhaps somewhat indecisive appearance hides in actuality an unshakable determination. You know what you want and, despite your affable and diplomatic manners, nothing and nobody can divert you from your objective. You can make concessions when it’s necessary, often to impose your will better.

Some people say that you’re self-centered, but nothing is further from the truth. You know how to take other people into account. Your sense of duty and spirit of sacrifice can sometimes astonish those who’re the least well-disposed toward you. You’re often of very good counsel when your personal feelings are not concerned. You’re also gifted for easing off thorny or conflictual situations.

You always bear the strong mark of your family, your father, your native country, your social origins. If you received a rather rigorous education or evolved in too traditionalist a milieu, you can be thwarted in your blooming. Admirable maneuverer, you often accede to good notoriousness and an enviable social position. It’s in a role to be played with the public that you can feel most at ease.

You’re clearly more clever in your career than in your affairs of the heart. But once your sentiments have been aroused, you attach yourself profoundly and durably. You would be deeply affected by an amorous or conjugal failure.

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