Tiger Capricorn

Hard working, passionate, and idealistic, those born under the sign of Tiger Capricorn have much in common with their animal namesake. The proverbial “big fish in a small pond”, members of this sign have little true competition in life. They take what they want when they want it and practically dare anyone else to try to stop them. Strong, proud, and resourceful, Tiger Capricorns are aware that playing to their strengths gets them ahead, but it can also have some less than ideal side effects.

Others may find the intensity of the Tiger Capricorn overwhelming. This sign combines the patience and determination of Capricorn with the outspoken intensity of the Chinese Zodiac’s Tiger. Combined they are a powerful force, particularly when personal passion and idealism drives their motives. Thus, Tiger Capricorns can be intimidating to others. They can become dictators to their followers, constantly demanding more and more output in less and less time. At the same time, they have the internal resources to counteract this. Capricorn can extend its patience to others, and despite the quick temper, Tiger is actually quite the humanitarian at heart.

It can be quite a task to manage the Tiger Capricorn’s passion. As expected, this is a sign that loves to work hard, often diving into projects with a do-or-die attitude. From this they expect both a sizable return on their investments and an equal buy-in from followers and employees. Anyone who brings less than 100% to the table will be tongue-lashed accordingly, and like the giant lizard, those born under the sign of Tiger Capricorn have toxic mouths.

Success is so important to a Tiger Capricorn that it comes before nearly anything else in their lives, making social and romantic relationships all the more difficult. Members of this sign enjoy being around people, and even like being the center of attention a lot of the time. If they can learn to choose their words more carefully they can drastically affect the buy-in of their followers and achieve an otherwise elusive balance in their lives.

Tiger Capricorn Traits

This structure makes you live a constant conflict between two different and incompatible rhythms. On one hand, your look for movement, show vivaciousness and certain aggressiveness; on the other hand, you need to live in calm, to recharge your batteries in silence and solitude.

You’ve the courage of your opinions, which are most of the time clear-cut and without nuances. One would be well-advised not to contradict you for one could then fall a victim to your violence, which is most often concealed but which is extreme when it explodes. You like travels, which give you an occasion to know other cultures and other lifestyles; but you always cling to your native country, to your origins.

Your social and professional ambitions are enormous and tend to develop at the expense of your private life. Very capable, you lead your career vigorously and courageously. You can play a first-rate social or political role.

Heartwise, your passions are rather rare but can be very violent. Generally, you distrust sentiments as if they were a weakness. You’re more inclined to make a marriage of reason or interest than a marriage of love. And you impose more respect than love.

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