Capricorn Third Decan

Third decan Capricorn born between January 11 and January 20. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Mercury. They have great communication skills. They are great at media-related fields, sales, franchises, commission businesses. They should use their contacts and influences fully. Those born under this influence are intelligent, faithful, well-disciplined, practical in nature and down to earth. They are highly intelligent, ambitious and enthusiastic traits, and can rise to the top position in any area of work they choose. They are very faithful in their relationships with loved ones. However, they can spend too much time thinking about the past and hold grudges.

The third Decan Capricorn personality is characterized by intelligence, loyalty and discipline. They like their world to be ordered, structured and disciplined. They have little time for fanciful notions and abstract concepts. They do enjoy the finer things and admire beautiful things, but they need them to have a practical and functional use as well.

They you are the most intelligent of all the Capricorns and if they are able to override innate shyness can become a gifted communicator. Their intelligence coupled with desire to accomplish makes them ideally suited to careers that demand shrewdness and attention to detail. They are tremendously loyal and faithful in all relationships. Once they have placed trust in someone and allowed them into their life they will fully commit to them. The main flaw in this third Decan Capricorn personality is a tendency to be shy.

Capricorn Third Decan - Mental Man of Moon

Mercury is the fastest-moving planet in our solar system and astrologically associated with communication, intelligence, logical thinking, analysis ability as well as creative expression. Hence, under the influence of witty, thoughtful and talkative Mercury, you are an excellent speaker that not only knows how to engage and capture your listeners, but is also quick in your response. You are seldom at the loss of words, and never without an opinion.

Interestingly, you have the inclination to use analogies in your speech to illustrate your points, and sometimes, choose to throw a flowery phrase or two when you are in the mood to compliment, or should I say, manipulate egos to get what you desire.

You are also proficient in the language of sarcasm, and not afraid to let out “Shut the f**k up, you blabbering fool!” in a really really nice manner, if you are starting to feel like an impatient pony being reined in. In fact, those obtuse people in your circle don’t really know when you are joking and when you are dead serious about each and every word that falls from your lips.

Capricorn-born individuals usually have a shy and introverted personality, which means they are unlikely to be the first to initiate a conversation, nor make friends with everyone they meet. However, being more chatty and sociable than first decan Capricorns, you are comfortable talking to strangers and have no hesitation in helping those in need without being asked.

It is possible that you won’t intentionally avoid the party scene and stay home with hot chocolate and self-improvement books. Making and maintaining strong connections, particularly with folks that have the power to propel you to higher levels in terms of your career, is very important to you. You harbor big ambitions in life, and are not satisfied with the position you occupy at this point in time.

Thanks to your tolerant nature, you can also get along with even the most difficult of creatures, though you find it so hard to resist the temptation not to get even with old enemies, and make them pay double for the pain and the hardships they caused you. You have an amazing memory that can remember with crystal clarity who did what to you and when. Forgive and forget is not one of your virtues.

With that being said, you will show extreme kindness and intense loyalty towards those that have demonstrated they are worth to be on your list of most favorite peeps. You are the type of generous giver that is willing to put others before yourself, plus caring enough to take the time to listen patiently to disgruntled and indignant voices in your midst, and provide wise advice.

You are quite a fussy person with a tendency to overachieve and be perfect in everything you do. You believe in giving your best in all your endeavors, but the trouble is, you are prone to fall into pessimism and melancholy when failures keep on coming.

You can get very temperamental at times, so my friend, you need a supportive and understanding partner that is sensitive enough to leave you alone with your thoughts when the blues hit you, and won’t bug you with a ton of “hey, what’s wrong with you”, which is sure to cause the volcano in you to erupt.

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