Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Don’t lose sight of your self-worth during the questioning sun-Uranus square that shows up on February 3. While you might rightfully question some of your recent romantic moves, you are more than just your mistakes. Making positive choices puts your love life back on track, Capricorn.

You’re willing to compromise more and see things from someone else’s perspective when the moon spends time in fair-minded Libra on the ninth, so it should be pretty easy to agree about where to go on a first date, etc. Your ability to give up complete control shows that there’s hope for this developing relationship!

The Universe dishes out some hot, passionate energy via the Venus-Aries hookup that starts on February 20, and it delivers some fresh, spontaneous ideas that you should act on right away. Your first instinct is always to weigh the pros and cons of every new romantic opportunity, but if you snooze during this fast-paced transit, you lose.

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