Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

A trine between the deliberate Taurus sun and regenerative Pluto in your serious sign helps you start your week with purpose. If you have any long-term love goals, Capricorn, you’ll be focused on them now. Few people or things can deter you from what you want and feel you deserve.

Later in the week, the upbeat sun exits grounded, rather serious Taurus to partner with clever, flirty Gemini, making you more approachable and social. It isn’t unusual for you to get lots of invitations and make dates with lots of people during this edgy, charming transit, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it at all.

Messenger Mercury has been retrograde and traveling with Gemini all week, but it reverses into slow-moving Taurus on Sunday, and you might actually feel like your love life is in a holding pattern or you’re losing progress, especially regarding communication. If possible, follow up on texts and DMs to make sure they reached their intended destinations.

Capricorn Compatibility