Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

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With a crown of planets spinning harmoniously in your solar fifth house, life feels sweet and magical for you, Capricorn. The new moon falls here on May 11, opening a doorway to some of your heart’s desires. Romance, creativity, and fertility are especially favored now. Consider how you can welcome more into your life at this time. Single Capricorns must make dating a top priority if they’d like to find someone special. Committed Capricorns could use this lunation to bring more spice and passion to their union.

Benevolent Jupiter, who not so long ago resided in your sign, has been racing through the sky and shifts placements once again as it moves into your solar third house of communications on the thirteenth. From now until July 28, you could find many ideas filling your head about messages you’d like to broadcast to the world. This energy might encourage you to begin work on a branding, advertising, marketing, or social media initiative.

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Next to note this month is a lunar eclipse that takes place in your solar twelfth house on May 26. This lunation encourages you to lie low, rest, and recharge, and it puts special attention on your mental health. Don’t push too hard at this time. You could burn yourself out and even end up in the hospital! You could be especially reflective now, thinking about situations from the past that need closure. Now would be a good time to work on releasing them.

Last to note is the arrival of Mercury retrograde, which officially begins on the twenty-ninth. This cycle encourages you to further pull back and watch as things shift around you. Confusion and miscommunication are likely to occur, so do your best to retreat rather than charge ahead.

Standout days: 6, 11, 17
Challenging days: 22, 23, 26

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