Capricorn 2021 Horoscope

Confidence in yourself and your abilities increases this year, and you’re eager to meet the challenges ahead. Opportunities for advancement are likely to be accompanied by increased responsibilities, and if you’re prepared, you’ll feel ready to handle them. Experience or education needed to achieve your aims can enhance your focus and discipline, allowing you to complete the prerequisites necessary to place you in the position you desire. Your attention is drawn to the need to balance your personal needs and career development in a manner that will satisfy your sense of emotional stability. The importance of family also can bring a renewed interest in embracing your roots while developing your self-expression.
The planet Jupiter travels in Capricorn all year, marking a cycle of abundance and optimism. You’re open to discovering yourself and acknowledging your potential. If you determine what you want to accomplish now, there is very little to stop you from achieving your aims.
Many situations that emerge in 2021 can remain supportive for a long time. In fact, this can be an exceptional period of prosperity, especially if you’re utilizing your resources effectively! Relationships also can have special significance, and you may feel that you both benefit from your association. This is a great time to travel, and you also may want to become more active in the social or cultural arenas.
You also may receive recognition for your efforts or career advancement during this cycle. Situations initiated five years ago may finally be reaching their culmination, and you can reap the rewards.
If you’re in a position to provide support to others or to offer an endowment, a gift given now may be more effective than at other times.
Your generosity of spirit also allows you to feel an increased zest for life, and regardless of your financial circumstances, you’ll be happier if you know that you’re enhancing the quality of life around you. Greed can be damaging now, and this is certainly not a good time to hoard your resources.
This is the best time to put your resources to work and allow them to grow — and that includes your time, talents, and energy, not just your money! Advertising or promotional activities work exceptionally well, and you’re in a great position to expand a business. Watch your ego, since it is easy to feel especially grand, and if you’re too full of yourself, you’ll push others away. A little humility riow can go a long way toward helping you make the most of this remarkable time.
Saturn’s cycle begins a two-year period transiting through your solar 4th house, and you’ll be especially concerned with activities that bring a stronger feeling of security and stability into your life. Home and family can be more influential, and your obligations in this area may increase.
The solar and lunar eclipse cycles add intensity to this focus, and you may prefer to have ample time to enjoy the comfort of your family and an environment that feels safe and secure. You also may feel drawn to uncover your past. Many times the exploration of your origins can shed a powerful light on your total sense of self. This is a good period to learn more about your family, but it is more important that you learn more about what feeds your soul. Additionally, you may want to clear out some elements from your life that simply add clutter or that are no longer useful to your growth.
You’re building a foundation, and need to eliminate factors that would undermine its integrity. Old resentment, guilt, shame, or fear can be more easily recognized now, but may not be easy to release unless you deliberately work to get rid of them. Begin with self-acceptance and a spirit of toler-ance. From there, the rest gets easier!

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