Capricorn April 2021 Horoscope

A little tension in the home or family then love gets to you! The energies of Aries square to your sign until the 19th, announce some delicate moments in family or in your home. Adapt to the circumstances even if they do not always correspond to what you would have liked. Pluto always in your sign makes you stronger and deeper, last decan especially.

Mars gives you a maximum of physical reactivity in your daily life or your work, act or react make your choice! From the 24th, your intimate sphere moves, stay tuned! From the 20th, the climate changes dramatically, the energies of Taurus pamper your love life and your relationship with your children if you have any, and boosts your morale!

Love in General:
Until the 19th, you are busy or preoccupied with managing family or residential annoyances that prevent you from living serenely with love. After the 20th, it's quite the opposite, you are given powerful feelings, voluptuousness and pleasure of the senses. Your reserved or even slightly chilly emotional nature warms up suddenly for a successful flight. Enjoy it fully!

In a relationship:
Your mind is elsewhere or hardly available for your other half, which foreshadows some conjugal tensions for an unfavorable scenario, a contextual distance to live patiently. Uranus always promotes your emotional creativity, from the 20th, the atmosphere gives you a smile. Together, you are good, accomplices and lovers!

You are dynamic in your daily life, this sector could reserve a pretty emotional surprise for you. However, the energies of Aries square to your constellation, require maximum adaptability in your relationships until the 19th. Beyond that your chances are real, go out, perfume yourself, a carnal encounter awaits you for the end of the month!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This month is not easy until the 19th because the energies of Aries jostle you a little. Let it happen, let it go and wait for the planets to come to Taurus from the 20th to regain your inner serenity and an outstanding love!

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