Capricorn February 2021 Horoscope

Your assets and your relationship in love are in the spotlight! The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius in your area related to your credit coming from your work make you connected to your financial affairs and to an improvement to which you aspire. Jupiter and Saturn infuse your sign, except for the third decan, a search for stability and increase in your income.

Pluto at home still acts as a backdrop to your metamorphosis, especially for the last decan. Mars and Uranus in Taurus all month long in beautiful aspect to your sign favor your loves and your relationships with your children, if you are parent. From the 19th, the Sun in Pisces assures easy meetings, a solid morale and beneficial movements.

Love in General:
This month your feelings are focused on your source of income, so much so that your heart is not too committed. Nevertheless, Mars is giving you strong desires while Uranus could awaken something unexpected in you about your way of loving, first decan. Your love life opens up for the best from the 19th, it's up to you to seize the heart of it!

In a relationship:
Do you pool your energies to create things together or perhaps improve some pleasant outings? Your relationship is not the priority of the month but that does not prevent you from living with a healthy libido and a perfect morale especially after the 19th. A common, unedited passion could also be lived.

A healthy desire for romance gives you a great energy! Uranus could also offer you a remarkable love at first sight, especially first decan! A friendly meeting could destabilize you but you like certainties and it is not the program of the month. Wait until the end of the month and beyond!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Forget your fears and take on the challenges of life with your acquired wisdom and the inner strength instilled by Pluto. First decan, original events or people soon arrive on your way to awaken you to the new!

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