Capricorn January 2021 Horoscope

Your sign receives the Sun until the 19th, Mercury until the 9th, Venus from the 10th to the 31st and Pluto for those at the very end of the sign. You are dynamic, intellectually connected, charismatic and always in deep regeneration. Saturn, your planet, arrives in Aquarius accompanied by Jupiter in your financial sector: structuring and luck in this field are possible, first decan.

A strand of tension is possible in the home until the 6th but quickly dissipates when Mars in Taurus harmoniously awakens your love or your relationship with your children from the 7th to the 31st, if you are a parent. Neptune always promotes an inspired and benevolent intellectual opening, second decan. From the 20th, the Sun joins Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius comes to favor your wants or your eventual inner gifts. A very promising beginning of the year!

Love in General:
The sky favors your emotions from the 7th when Mars in Taurus settles in your sector relative to your loves, a healthy sensuality and joyful excess! Venus in your sign from the 10th opens more than beneficial perspectives, it gives you charm to spare, sweetness in your emotional relationships, patience and tact. Your heart is happy!

In a relationship:
Heavenly energies spoil you! Apart from a bit of shyness and reserve until the 9th, the rest of the month is largely favorable for your life as a couple. You could procreate if this is a project you are considering, in any case you are in osmosis both sentimentally and sensually with your other half.

Charismatic as all get out and you like it! The planet of desire, Mars, is in beautiful aspect to your sun as of the 7th, in your sector related to your loves, it suggests that your chances of meeting are insolent! Add to that Venus and Pluto in your constellation and your heart will vibrate high!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A year that starts in an interesting and promising way. Welcome the energy of Saturn as a guide to your finances not as a censor and everything will be better, first decan especially. Love carries you, you are inspired, finally think of relaxing, you are so serious!

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