Capricorn July 2021 Horoscope

You contend with others then you live an introspection rich in emotions! This summer month always favors the energies of Cancer, facing you, inducing the importance of others until the 22nd. Mercury in Gemini until the 12th, in your sector of the everyday life, is ideal to generate discussions and contacts.

From the 13th to the 28th, the planet arrives in front of you, your spirit is powerful, intuitive and cooperative. Saturn, your planet, breathes rigor and well-managed stewardship to your wealth, first decan while Jupiter in beautiful aspect to your sign, promotes your relationship and your morale until the 28th. A cluster in Leo: the sun from the 23rd, Venus up to 'to the 22nd and Mars to the 29th invites you to reflect on your intimate, financial needs: what do you want to live deeply? During the last week: what if you traveled in a delicate company?

Love in General:
Until the 22nd, your partner takes their place in front of you, your intimate universe is obligatorily and cooperative! Your desires will be important, your feelings voluptuous. The energies of Leo reinforce your desire to love with passion, much more than usual. Second decan, Uranus blows up your resistance, love at first sight? From the 23rd, tenderness and delicacy, you yearn for emotional serenity.

In a relationship:
The monthly transits encourage you to sweetness and balance, do not force anything, be accepting of the desires and wishes of your other half. Adjust your schedule if necessary, take the time to live together! Mars and Venus strengthen your senses, so make sure you fully enjoy the one you love.

Your emotional chances are focused on meetings this month, perhaps ones that are predestined. Also, you might recognize in the other your missing half and quickly commit yourself to this relationship between the 13th and the 28th. All that glitters is not gold, take your time, the opportunities could be plentiful.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you respect the message of Saturn and infuse financial wisdom into your month which lends itself to excess of this nature, you should live some nice weeks with little annoyance and if you also plan to go on vacation, it's perfect!

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