Capricorn March 2021 Horoscope

An excellent relationship and a focus on your wealth! The Sun in Pisces accompanied by Venus, Mercury and Neptune acts on your morale, your intellectual capacities and your relationship by promoting these sectors harmoniously! The sphere of work is dynamic, act without haste.

A cluster in Aquarius of Mercury until the 15th and Jupiter and Saturn all month, makes you worry about the money you recieve from work, between evolution and structuring, play it balanced. Pluto always in your constellation acts on a plane of subtle consciousness in you, let yourself be, last decan. Your creative and emotional sector receives in beautiful aspect to Uranus and its thunders, unforeseen changes on the horizon, first decan. From the 21st, the Sun in Aries and Venus pamper your home or animate things a little too much to your liking?

Love in General:
You are serene and available until the 20th, your tender and calm behavior could be sought. A healthy libido animates you all month while the idea of a love at first sight amuses you! After the 22nd, passionate energies, a little excessive for your nature, shake up your home or your serenity.

In a relationship:
Until the 22nd, your relationship works like a charm, complicity and tenderness summarize your daily life. Beautiful exchanges complete this harmony, together you find the desire to go out and meet long standing friends. A common hobby could further increase your complicity. After the 23rd, its family first!

Look at the professional or everyday sphere, these two universes are likely to favor a romantic encounter, unless a neighborhood relationship, hitherto platonic, takes a more sentimental turn. Demanding and tenacious, especially last decan, the energies offer it to you but it will be up to you!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You appreciate this winter month because it is in resonance with your discreet even secret nature. Lean on your accounts, the sky sends you powerful energies capable of initiating lasting changes. Uranus in Taurus accompanies you for a few years, it will swing!

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