Capricorn May 2022 Horoscope

No more acting in an emergency. Dear Capricorn, you are on the road to success, your motto this month: everything comes to those who wait. You are in attack, your form is dazzling until the end of the month, there are opportunities to seize in the professional and financial field; love also has its place. Around May 11 you turn the tests into winning shots, your ideas are explosive, your mind is boiling, you have the baraka. However you are so anxious that you are afraid that everything stops at once, but you do not have to worry that it is going to last. Positive influences push you forward; you just have to let yourself go, even more if you want your entourage to follow your prowess.

Capricorn: Love in General May 2022

Capricorn:If you feel the need to prove your feelings, there will be many opportunities. You are so reserved that when you decide to unveil you are looked at as an alien. In May, you feel the need to say more about your emotions; do not delay to declare, because very quickly you could change your mind.

Capricorn: In a relationship May 2022

Capricorn:A little clarification is needed for couples, a story that you thought was settled for a long time comes back suddenly. Fortunately the planets come to restore some order in your sentimental life; spring reconciles the hearts. From the 14th it's the return to calm. A nice surprise awaits you on the 19th.

Capricorn: Single May 2022

Capricorn:Single, thanks to a great opportunity you get out of your routine. From May 16 your desires are granted, around you it is joy. The stars boost your love, the spring period looks rewarding. You draw a line on the past, you only think of the future.

Capricorn: Career / Finance May 2022

Capricorn: During its stay in Pisces, Jupiter facilitated your expansion and also your activity in its daily life. Its transfer to Aries can complicate your life. For obscure reasons, you may be more stressed than usual. Or, you can set goals that will put pressure on you. Capricorn! Jupiter motivates you and it is right, but it does not mean that you have to set the bar so high! On the financial side, this sector is under Saturnian rigor. However, it is being reduced as of this month. Take the opportunity to generate cash to buy what you like in some time.

Capricorn: Monthly Advice May 2022

Capricorn:The month of May starts well; you have something to do to satisfy you. Sentimentally things are accelerating, get ready, there is change. If your calendar is busy, give yourself short breaks for two or with your family.

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