Capricorn May 2021 Horoscope

Love, creativity and work for this beautiful month of the year! The influx of Taurus until the 20th serves your emotional sector, your creativity and your relationships with your children if you are a parent.

An abundance of feelings, joy, pleasure and beautiful moments are in perspective! In Cancer in front of your sign, Mars, comes to animate your intimate or associative relationships, stay diplomatic and zen. Your behavior regarding your assets continues, Saturn and Jupiter until the 13th, in Aquarius, promotes your professional income and excellent financial management. Pluto always in your sign transforms you deeply, last decan. From the 21st, a cluster of energy in Gemini emphasizes the importance of your job, your health and your daily life. Here, you communicate with, humor, your serious nature is softened or even lowered. The end of the month is light!

Love in General:
Your feelings are whole and well anchored thanks to the influences of the planets in Taurus, in beautiful aspect to your sign. Loving, sharing and feeling are your emotional priorities until the 20th. Mars in Cancer boosts your sensuality but also your sensitivity, be careful not to react too strongly with others. From the 20th, the atmosphere changes, you express your love without making a fuss!

In a relationship:
A pleasant, relaxed climate is brought to your emotional joys but also to games, common creations and cultural or festive outings until the 20th. Uranus in Taurus could be worth a sizeable surprise to you, maybe a pregnancy, first decan? From the 21st, you are focused on your life together, do not fight over the small things!

You aspire to meet your soulmate, Mars in Cancer, in the sign that completes you, infuses you with the desire for marriage and serious love. Until the 20th, the sky encourages and facilitates your emotional steps, do not be shy and dare! From the 21st, keep an eye on your work or your daily life.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The sector of love and its rejoicing allows you to live this month connected to the joys of life! Your morale is at the top, the daily routine is soothed, do not be so sensitive, live this month with love, respect and lightness!

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