Capricorn October 2021 Horoscope

This period is favorable, emotions are intense and powerful, your intuitions are good, you do not let anything pass. From October 12th opportunities are come one after another, if you want to highlight your creativity there will be many opportunities to do so.

Still hesitant to set up a project? Go ahead, let go of your doubts! If, on a personal level, you are considering changing some things do it without questioning your past actions. Your vision of love is different. To overcome your emotional fears the planets send you the necessary impetus, you go forward, you learn to trust. The family circle is welded, no disturbance is expected during the month of October. Professionally this period is calm, while waiting for the situation to evolve positively, changes are being prepared.

Love in General:
You are on the defensive except that this period announces upheavals. You need to feel that you are loved, you are ready to reveal your emotions and your feelings, you expect a little affection in return. The stars respond favorably to your wishes, you receive as gifts beautiful marks of tenderness. In love you take the right direction.

In a relationship:
Your partner seems reluctant when it comes to making long-term plans, you persuade them that it is for the good of your relationship and it works. You demonstrate a strong persuasive force, it strengthens your relationship. From the 17th of October your joint projects are realized, you are happy.

Dear Singles this month, you're on a course. To reach love, the path was long, yet you reach the goal. Indeed, your ambitions lead you to the realization, you are ready to do everything for the person you love. The influence of the planets pushes you to reveal yourself in broad daylight.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
October offers some nice surprises. You imagine an easy life, without constraint, the period looks restful. Enjoy the moment. Stay receptive to opportunities. Enjoy the sweet atmosphere around you.

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