Flirting with Capricorn

Born under the Star Sign of Capricorn, you’re the shrewdest flirt in the Zodiac! If you’re typical of your Sun Sign, your instinctive flirting style is serious and well organized. In fact every move is likely to be carefully planned and calculated as a means of getting what you want - you’re not one to leave things to chance! No worries if it takes a bit of time and perseverance. Your determination is legendary - and you always play to win.

Where love is concerned, you’re a pragmatic realist. No-one better understands the pulling power of wealth and status as a weapon of seduction - and you’re not afraid to flaunt your worldly achievements in order to lure your prey. For you, attracting a mate is fundamentally about winning their admiration and respect.

Your straightforward flirting style is highly desirable to those who want someone real. You can be reserved, but this only adds to your mystique, making others want to know what’s behind the cool facade. When your sensuality is aroused, your body language — causally stroking your hair or lightly brushing a hand across your hip — says you’re thoroughly touchable and love being touched. And you make eye contact in a candid way that says you’re hot but also honest, an enticing combination.

You have a very sincere and straightforward flirting style. You’re very real, but sometimes a little reserved. You make people want to find out what’s behind your calm, cool, and collected facade. You won’t flirt with anyone you don’t find interesting, and when you do flirt you’ll stroke your hair or lightly touch your own body, as if to say that you’re totally ready. If you want something casual then find an Aries, Cancer or Libra. For a relationship that can build, you’ll want to find a partner that’s a Taurus, Scorpio or Virgo.

Flirting with Capricorn Love

Not necessarily the easiest challenge for you, but at least you’re on home ground! When flirting with a fellow Goat, you’ll certainly be wise to all their tricks - when it comes to shrewd tactics, you give as good as you get.

The problem, though, is that since you’re both quite aspirational, there’s inevitably going to be some competitiveness going on - and the chances are you’ll each be trying to prove that you’re the most successful and the most deserving of respect. There’s a big risk here of coming across as overly serious and insufficiently romantic, while missing the point that flirting is supposed to be fun!

Your worst move, then, with another Capricorn is to get into a silly ego contest. Your best move is to create a strong sense of connection by proving how wonderful you BOTH are! Attract their interest by pointing out any similarities you’ve noticed between the two of you, focusing particularly on your common triumphs and achievements.

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