Capricorn Man Cheating

Once committed to a partner or married the Capricorn man is exceptionally loyal and will seldom divorce, because he feels that any situation can be worked out, and will certainly be willing to put in the effort to do so if his partner is. The Capricorn man is as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but can be somewhat inhibited in expressing his emotions, sometimes preferring to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures. If he seems more interested in being your personal handyman than getting you into bed, this is just his way of showing he cares!

Capricorns cheat and then act as if there’s nothing wrong with that. They’ll be like, “Honey, what’s the big deal? I still love YOU” type of thing. Capricorns just want everyone to be happy. It’s not easy to catch a Capricorn when they are cheating, but if you do corner them, you’ll get something like, “Ok, can we grab something to eat now, babe?” And you’ll be like, “Um, ok”. You’ll be really confused.

Sure Ways to Know Capricorn Man Cheating on You

Slacking off and day-dreaming, that’s a sure sign this hard-working guy has something else on his mind. If he’s suddenly taking off work to do this or that (guess what?), not getting up in time to get to work on time, getting write-ups from the boss and just doesn’t seem that interested in his job any more, this can be a sign.

Calm, cool and collected Capricorns most often make loyal lovers, as they have the discipline and control to stop themselves from cheating - even if strongly tempted. But Caps do demand respect and admiration from their partners, and this Goat will wander off if you don’t do your best to let them know how amazing they are. The good news? Capricorn is honorable, so they’re more likely to outright leave a relationship than cheat. Wait, that is good news, right?

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