Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

Opposites attract each other and so does Capricorn and Cancer. They find each other quite fascinating and represent the qualities that help to complement one another. Both of them are dependable and ready to commit to any relationship they make. But since the sense of expression is different, there can be a few differences in the beginning.

Cancer’s sensitive nature strikes the most when they get in contact with anyone. They possess oodles of charisma through which they can easily impress people but still they are humble enough to extend their support to the people in distress. Cancers are modest, superbly imaginative and definitely very emotional. Patience is their dearest virtue and flexibility is their biggest weapon to win in all circumstances. They have the ability to inspire a lot of people. But this can become a possibility when they come out of their shell and win the battle with their inner conflict. If they can erase their inhibitions and believe in their abilities, they can perform very well as leaders in fact they are the ones to get success in everything they go for.

Capricorns represent stability, permanence and determination. They are generally conformist thinkers who are highly ambitious and self-disciplined. Some Capricorns are decidedly arrogant about fame and prestige which is hard to discover behind their shy smile and gentle manners. They appear to want to be alone but long for admiration and acceptance from people just like everyone else. Capricorns like to seek pleasures from the uncomplicated things and risk free movements in life. Some of them can be quite concerned about their status symbol and they might wear the best designer labels and drive the snazziest cars. But at heart they are always simple and strongly dedicated to their family and dear ones with very kind attitude. They also fall short in the field of expressing their love and affection which makes them seem to be cold.

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

This is not a relationship without its challenges, however. As much as Cancer wants and indeed needs a stable and secure home life, the Cancer partner isn’t always willing to accept the amount of hard work that someone has to do to provide that – so Capricorn’s preoccupation with their career could cause some arguments. Capricorn can be as loving as the next sign, of course, but as a general rule they don’t “do” emotional displays, so having to offer constant emotional support to sensitive Cancer could easily grate on the nerves. It’s here that the major difference in emotional styles could start to cause issues for Capricorn and Cancer compatibility. Sometimes, the Homemaker just wants more than the Sage is willing to give.

During happy times, however, Cancer’s emotional depths can be refreshing to the somewhat staid Capricorn, who in turn can help to stabilise Cancer when all that emotional water becomes too choppy to bear. For Capricorn and Cancer, compatibility can be great for mutual personal growth, if both partners are willing to accept that they have much to learn. Both of these signs are cardinal signs, however, which can lead to power struggles within the relationship as both try to take charge. Or – and you never can tell with Capricorn and Cancer – this could be a good thing, if they take it in turns, with one partner always able to take the lead while the other is feeling low or washed out.

Cancer have this strange connection with the past and like to take a walk down the memory lane quite often. Capricorns value learning which is based on the past experience, and hence they have a few things in common with Cancer. They both have similar feelings towards their families too as both are very protective and kind to their dear ones. The Capricorns are most likely to get engaged in a conventional profession. The Cancer try to find the element of practicality in every aspect of their lives. Both of them have a penchant for the artistic things in life. There are certain qualities between the Capricorn and Cancers which make them very similar but there are also qualities that make them as different as chalk and cheese. The Cancer do not want to exhibit their leadership in an extravagant way and hence it takes a long time for the Capricorns to realize about their need to dominate.

The Cancer should keep in mind the fact that once the Capricorns make up their mind, then it is very difficult to budge them. At the same time Capricorns should know that Cancer are not good at making the first move. Because they feel that they are not good enough for the task or they might get rejected. So just in order to save them from getting humiliated, Cancer then try to hide in their shell. The Capricorns are always confident about the decisions made by them. But the Cancer do a lot of analysis before making any decision because they want to be completely sure of the fact that their decisions are right. The Cancer do not have the strength to bear the burnt of a wrong decision because neither can they stand rejection nor criticism. Cancer want security in their lives and Capricorns are known for their ambitious nature and this aspect would act like glue in their bond.

Relations and bonds come naturally to both Capricorn and Cancers and hence they always enjoy every bond they tie with each other. If they are friends, siblings, colleagues or relatives, they also keep the decorum of their relation and always give their best to each other with lots of love and co-operation. These two make quite successful business partners with lots to earn and make together and cherish which includes money, status and fame. Capricorn and Cancers also perform well in love relationships if just the Capricorns try to be a little more sensitive towards Cancer. They both also enjoy parenthood and childhood beautifully. As parents they are always dedicated and protective and as children they both are obedient and respectful towards their elders.

With all the similarities and complementing factors, come the differences and problems that create tiffs between Capricorn and Cancers. Cancer are too sensitive while Capricorns are practical. Also Cancer are expressive while Capricorns find it difficult to give words to their feelings. This attitude makes the Cancer silent and unresponsive. Another thing is that it is always difficult to sustain a relationship which has more than one leader. In these kinds of circumstances the Cancer let go of the opportunity to lead the Capricorns. But at time they may compete with each other. It is up to the Capricorn and Cancers to decide as to who takes the reigns of the relationship. Their connection is quite unique because they possess qualities that the other has always wanted to have, and hence their camaraderie is palpable. When both of them are prepared to share their experience and learn from them, then it can benefit their relationship.

Marriage Between Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

Capricorn man makes a beautiful and long lasting marriage with his Cancer lady. He feels the strong attracted towards the femininity and sensitivity of the Cancer lady. Her independent thinking and capability impresses him. She also finds a perfect man in him who is ambitious and strong. He provides her with everything that she needs in her life and promises her a secure future. She feels completely safe when he is around. He loves her sense of humor and always laughs at her wonderful jokes.

Since the start of their relationship, the couple respects and appreciates one another. Their love and support nourishes their relationship and makes it stronger with each passing day. She feels lucky to have him as her man. She knows how to unlock his deep emotions and help him open up. The frequency of both these partners matches perfectly well and they are able to understand each other without even speaking their thoughts.

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