Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman

Capricorn and Gemini together are equally mesmerizing and annoying. Gemini has a lighter attitude with humor filled life while Capricorn has a serious attitude with life full of commitments and strong foundations. It is quite tough for them to adjust together but once they share a relationship, they can always complement each other and make things brighter.

Gemini people are more like wind, unpredictable and ever changing. Their free will lets them wander when they feel the urge to do so. Eccentric in their tastes and ideas make them appear to be whimsical and capricious. Their modern thought process mixed with the notion to change their ideas make the Gemini hard to pin down. They are natural communicators and can argue a point whether it is a point worth winning or something so mundane it would not be even worth bringing up to anyone else. Gemini is always changing and moving and it is not so bad that they come across someone who can subdue this inner passion from time to time. They love a good challenge whether it is a mere idea or a full blown test of ability.

Capricorns are reserved and quite laid back creatures. With a bit of the old school instilled within them they dress for that time, traditional yet elegant. They love money and status and work hard to gain their due respect in their society. They are not one to try new fads or trends frequently. Similarly they do not try for new things also; they love to depend upon tried and tested things. Although they love to listen to the gossip that goes around town, they are not the ones to spread such things. Being cautious is their first belief in being the wiser. They love to say ‘no’ and even perhaps change their optimist ‘yes’ to an ‘okay’. They love their dear ones deeply and family ties are most important for them.

Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Unfortunately for this couple, neither Gemini nor Capricorn is particularly emotional or passionate, so there could be a lack of sexual chemistry here. Capricorn is an earth sign, so there is a sensual side to the Sage, but Gemini really doesn’t push the right buttons to discover it. Socially the couple are not all that well matched either, with Gemini preferring an active social life, and Capricorn preferring a quiet life with just family and close friends. Gemini’s bubbly enthusiasm can sometimes lighten Capricorn up a little bit, but there is an ever present danger that Capricorn’s serious side will dampen Gemini’s already pretty superficial emotions altogether, leaving the relationship with no place to go. Capricorn and Gemini compatibility, even once found, is not easy to hold onto.

It’s not all bad news. This couple share a delightful sense of humour, and there can be a lot of mutual respect between them. As air and earth signs, they never quite get to grips with one another’s personalities – if they do stay the course over the long term, it’s quite common for them to still to be surprised by each other’s behaviour even after decades together. At their best, however, the Sage can teach the Communicator the value of slowing down and of digging deep for knowledge instead of scattering your energy. In return, Gemini can bring fun and spontaneity to Capricorn’s life, and an intellectual connection too. When it’s working well, Capricorn and Gemini compatibility can veer from the serious to the silly and back again almost seamlessly, giving this couple the best of both worlds.

Gemini’s attraction to Capricorn is not based on reality whatsoever. Some twisting of the mind draws the Gemini to Capricorn whether it is mystery, sincerity, some sort of hypnotic state, or even drugs. Capricorn’s nature is one of significant tranquility and magnificence and the always changing and restless Gemini is highly attracted to this mysterious creature. The Capricorn is a gentle creature on an emotional level that draws the insecure Gemini awaiting for Capricorn to show them stability and calmness they are not used to. Gemini can, in turn, show Capricorn the beauty of the arts, literature and music and humor as it should be shown. The calm nature that they find in Capricorn is enough to make them stop in their tracks and think twice about such a notion. Gemini’s life is such a whirlwind of frenzied activity and it feels nice to them to be able to rely on the Capricorn for calm before the next storm.

Capricorn always discovers some constructive purpose for their Gemini and Gemini; even though they are vicarious at not settling, find some way at appeasing Capricorn. Although the Capricorn is not prone to Gemini’s silver tongued persuasion, on the occasion that it does get to them, they learn quickly, and one can rest assure it never again happens. To even fathom settling down is one idea that Gemini has never been too keen on. Capricorn, in turn, can learn from Gemini to mingle up with people and share their views they encounter in their lives and still stay stable the way they like things to be. Capricorn and Gemini make a strong relationship in that they both are apt to doing what makes them happy in their own corners of the world. Both can come together as long as with some compromise they keep their own worlds separate so that on a rare occasion they can do their own thing.

Capricorn and Gemini have a lot to work upon if they want a peaceful relationship. Friends and colleagues that Capricorn and Gemini make are generally not very closely related and Gemini needs to work hard to bring Capricorn closer as Capricorns are never willing to put their energy in something that’s doesn’t sounds fine to them. As siblings and relatives they already share a knot and so they work well with each other here as Capricorn always gives their time to family. Business ventures can be a bit frustrating on Capricorns side when they do not see Gemini working equally hard but then they can with their differences create a magic of hard work and luck. Romantic relationship is a worrisome matter for both of them as their demands are totally different. If Gemini is ready to be more homebound and Capricorn becomes more expressive then things can work. Parenthood and childhood are enjoyed greatly by Capricorns as they love to stick to their family while Gemini share more a friendly and casual relationship.

Gemini’s silver tongue gets them out of just about any situation they feel threatened by and threaten anyone who dares to meet head to head with them. The reserved Capricorn frowns on this quality if it gets too prolific. Although the Capricorn leans in closer for some good gossip, they never like to be a part of it and so Gemini finds them arrogant towards the conversation they had. Capricorn’s serious side is depressing to Gemini and Gemini’s frolic type tendencies are equally upsetting to Capricorn. Through self sacrifice, they can each get through these subtle differences within family, friends, career or love and grow a love that is strong and quite exciting. If the fickle and unpredictable Gemini can learn to be patient, they find a true and loving Capricorn that is everlasting through out the years and Capricorn can get one lively mate who can cheer up even their moony days with brightness.

Marriage Between Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman

When a Gemini woman gets married to the Capricorn male, she finds it so easy to read through her man and understand him effectively. She exhibits the most wonderful colors of her personality when she is in love with her man. She is able to detach from her past very easily and get completely involved with her man. She soothes him with her care and concern. She honors and respects her man. He is one of the most reliable matches who is very different from the Gemini woman. He is serious and she is fun. He is practical and frugal and she is a spendthrift.

These small differences in their personalities need them to work on mutual basis and resolve them with the warmth of their love. Both these partners are also able to imbibe good qualities from each other. She learns to be more patient and learns to be more relaxed. With love blooming and differences settling, the both make a perfect couple. Their marriage is blessed with shades of romance, love, care, affection and mutual support. Together, they are able to win the toughest times with ease.

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