Capricorn Man and Leo Woman

Capricorn and Leo are completely opposite to each other and have different approaches towards life. Leo find Capricorn very quiet and inexpressive and Capricorn find Leo very impractical and dramatic. Still there are attractive things, Capricorn find Leo very bright and lively and Leo just love the sense of humor of Capricorn.

Capricorn are generally conformist thinkers who are highly ambitious and self-disciplined. They always prefer a safe game and tried and tested things. Capricorn’s determination is followed by outstanding patience. Though Capricorn may seem to be very inexpressive but they are very kind, gentle, and protective of their family and loved ones. Capricorn’s biggest assets are their money and their family. They admire their family circle, a good solid savings account and well educated people. They can be considered a snob about these things along with what class status they should be and the community they are in. Capricorn folks often appear cold but they long for admiration and acceptance from people just like everyone else. They can also be somewhat selfish. To defend themselves they call it self protection.

The proud Leo regard themselves to be above others and push to show this manner. To uphold such an image and be told the same by others increases their pride and add to their generous nature. Leo have royal taste in every aspect of life and they maintain their decorum with all their power. Leo cherish the spotlight and boast the successes they have made. Their audience should be one of admirers. This is only to appease them as they like the attention. Regardless of their extreme arrogance they are quite affectionate and enormously lavish. They proudly stand up and roar their arrogant roar as they look after the needy ones. They always defend the defenseless and shield the exploited. Leo are highly sentimental and a die-hard romantic people.

Capricorn Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

As a fire sign, Leo can scorch Capricorn with the strength and depth of their temper; however, as an earth sign, Capricorn can dump a whole lot of sand on top of Leo’s fire and extinguish that enthusiasm for good. When it works at its best, Capricorn and Leo compatibility will avoid either of those scenarios; instead, Leo’s fire will gently warm Capricorn’s cool earth, and Capricorn will provide stability and direction to Leo’s passions. Ideally. But that’s not an easy state for these two to achieve.

Where there is true love, of course, any partnership can make it through difficulties. When it comes to Capricorn love, compatibility is not necessarily an instant thing. The Sage is more than willing to work on a relationship, and accepts that when two personalities join, adjustments might have to be made. Prideful Leo, a fixed sign, is less adaptable, and less willing to fit in with anyone else’s orbit. If this relationship does work out well, it will usually be thanks to Capricorn’s hard work.

Capricorn and Leo are similar in that they are both highly intelligent, authoritative, practical and quite stubborn. Perhaps Capricorn possess these qualities a touch more than Leo but it doesn’t stop the curious nature each one has for the other. The Capricorn delightfully watches Leo as they sashay through their colorful and witty conversations wearing outfits that are just as colorful and witty. They are in awe at the seemingly impossible goals Leo tend to strive towards and their ability to delegate authority to reach these goals. Then there is the overwhelmingly kind and generous nature they possess as they frivolously spend money with no regard for financial stability. The bond between Capricorn and Leo gives way to the differences between them. Capricorn’s tolerant, frugal, timid, tender and carefully calculating attitude is quite different from Leo’s eagerness and their frivolous, well-expressed, dramatic, courageous and impetuous attitude.

Even though they may try to learn from one another, there is nothing like a good competition between the two. This makes them rivals either openly or secretly. They are both dually bright and very stubborn and neither of them budges from their own part of the world to which they built their empire, each one thinking theirs is better than the others. Capricorn may be influenced by Leo’s bright and sunny disposition, but they get easily irritated when the proud Leo tends to pat their own backs. Capricorn have a lot of the same qualities as Leo such as being authoritative, stubborn, intellectual but so much more so than Leo. However, they don’t flaunt it so much. They are less obtrusive about it. To understand what motivates the other is always magical and opens up their minds and souls to each other. As a result, the affection and compassion experienced between Capricorn and Leo increases unexpectedly, therefore making the bond between them much stronger.

Capricorn and Leo make good friends, siblings, relatives and official colleagues. They also are healthy competitors of each other as siblings, friends and colleagues. But usually their motives are pure with no harm to each other. Being relatives can make them either just formal known or people sharing some common good in some subject of interest. Business ventures can be run by these two together in a great way as Leo are good at creating goals and Capricorn are effective in achieving those goals. The only problem that comes is usually the Leo’s extravagant attitude or argument for authority. In a married relationship or in a love relationship they can face some differences especially because Capricorn are less expressive. But parenthood is one thing they both cherish as they both like to make their children perfect kids and as kids they just love and respect their parents.

The interpretation of each of their qualities is somewhat different in the other’s eyes. A Leo will often see a Capricorn as bitter, egotistical, callous and oppressive whereas the Capricorn sees the Leo as extravagant, hasty, narcissistic and futile. The two can learn and grow from watching each other. Capricorn can build a sturdy foundation that Leo can make use of as they are discovering a dependable friend or associate in the Capricorn. If they looked through Capricorn’s calming and sensible eyes at life they just may be able to see what they can gain. The ability to admit mistakes or being more patient with things are some of Capricorn’s finest virtues. Leo’s ability to set such high goals benefits Capricorn if they choose to discover this. Capricorn should witness life through Leo’s eyes. This way they gain knowledge of being more independent, warm, sociable and a bit more extravagant. The differences in each other, if seen and experienced, bring a sense of freshness and renewed attitude to this relationship.

Marriage Between Capricorn Man and Leo Woman

When a Capricorn man exchanges vows with a Leo female, they both work together to create an everlasting bond of love. He admires the poise and beauty of his gorgeous Leo lady. She loves the way her man admires her and knows well how needs to play with her words to win his heart. They are quite different from each other which may lead to some discord in their marriage. He is very shy and introvert and she is very frank and loves to be the center of attraction. But despite these differences they experience a magnetic pull which make them crave for each other’s company.

She longs for a man who can give her a luxurious and high class life and Capricorn man has all the potential to fulfill her desires. He finds his lady to be equally dedicated and loyal. They both are a beautifully complementing couple which balances the positive and negative traits of each other’s personality thereby creating a perfect marriage. When they are deeply in love, they enjoy eternal bliss which keeps the romance in their relationship alive. They both create beautiful moments in each other’s company which make it a magnificent and memorable relationship to cherish.

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