Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

Capricorn and Tauruss have quite smooth relationships. They both are different enough to keep each other interested and similar enough to share same goals and opinions in life. They enjoy each other’s company and are very thoughtful about the relationships they have. They both appreciate each other and feel extraordinarily safe with one another.

Taurus people are extremely patient, faithful, loyal and generous. Their capacity of giving affection is colossal. Taurus people usually have a very soft corner for their dear ones and are always the one to pull through for the ones they care about. They love to keep things in their circle of friendship and rarely ever go out of their social stature. Taurus are extreme in possessing enormous creativity causing a wonderful outlet for the stress relief they so often crave. This is no exception in their work. They are always industrious, not afraid of getting their hands dirty, reliable, practical, methodical, ambitious and very decent. It is of utmost importance for them to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around them, and can become demanding when they can’t measure their success.

Capricorns have a good sense of reality, while many others really struggle with it. They are blessed with the ability to grow older, while somehow always looking younger, making them more attractive with each passing year. They are typically traditional in their ways of doing things. They usual know the right thing to do at the right time. Their lives are orderly and tidy and their decisions are well thought out. Capricorns are strong individual with constancy and responsiveness in everything they perform. Capricorn often shows selfishness, however their better talents and creativity overpower this. They are humble and gentle and fiercely protective of their family, especially their parents. Capricorns like to be on top, the very top, socially, financially, and free from idealistic dreams and foolish illusions.

Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

During the best parts of this relationship, the Taurus partner can help cool Capricorn to loosen up a little and to enjoy life more. In return, Capricorn can help Taurus lose some of their childish stubbornness and change that into a more mature wisdom. After all, the Sage of mythology, represented by Capricorn, has much to teach the impetuous young Lover. When things are not going so well, however, this relationship can be extremely competitive, with each sign believing they know best. Capricorn and Taurus compatibility under pressure can turn into a battle between wisdom and want, or between earthly desires and duties (there’s that word again!).

Will this couple set the world on fire? No. But there’s a lot to be said for the peaceful, serene and relatively calm relationship they can forge together, and there’s certainly a basic Capricorn-Taurus compatibility which is worth a great deal. These two signs get one another, which is always important in astrology compatibility. Sharing the same earth element, they value the same things in life, even if they do go about reaching their goals slightly differently. As a quiet, introspective match, Capricorn and Taurus compatibility works. These lovers are conservative with a small c – traditional, somewhat staid and perhaps overly concerned with status…. but they’re also highly likely to keep on enjoying one another’s company and to grow old together with plenty of mutual respect and affection.

Capricorn and Taurus share a love of precious gems and metals as well as profiting from such investments. Whether these two team up as children or as adults, one can rest assured that they are always as compatible in their goals and wise to the outer world then as they are now. In romance, children, religion, travel, education and business, Capricorn and Taurus show many signs of similar interests. But the interests do not stop there. They both are highly distinguished in that indulging in a scandalous recreation would never be heard of. Capricorns are lovable and their desire to be accepted and respected brings this emotion out of them. It is returned to them by friends, relatives, and society overall. Taurus admires Capricorn’s will to succeed, and is not intimidated by their threatening and strategically temperament. In fact they always are the ones to support them and be a part of their quest.

Capricorn sees a mate in Taurus, stability, a common ground to build on. It is all work and no play when their business heads come together and it’s as strong as any relationship can be. A love affair is more of a business partnership than an emotional need or craving especially if they let the power and need for an increasing empire crowd out the pleasures of their lives. But with due time and their earthy sensuality which is a part of their personality, they make the mates who are intellectually, emotionally and physically very compatible. All in all, a Capricorn and Taurus relationship is highly compatible in business as well as in pleasure. Their relationship continues to be mostly business, and quite profitable at that, if an added extra effort is not put in place. And as long as their inner worlds don’t clash this is sure to be successful with common interests as well as stability and a long term connection.

It’s their own inner worlds that will give them trouble. Capricorn and Taurus, they are as similar as they are different. Taurus is hilariously funny compared to Capricorn’s dry and dull sense of humor. Getting lost in this type of relationship has dire effects on the sensual and emotional side of things. These efforts lie in avidly taking the time for pleasure, fun and livening things up from time to time. They can be amazed at the daring and reckless activities that they can both be a part of. They are not into playing games and actually are both quite direct in their communication, Capricorn especially. They are blunt and hold no punches when speaking their mind. This is the avenue for quarrels unless they work at this. Taurus communicates just as boldly but on a higher level. They can take the most unpleasant of words and turn them around to make them almost convincing. Together they can always create miracles that are not easy to be seen with other zodiac signs.

Marriage Between Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman

The association of marriage between a Capricorn male and Taurus female lasts for life. They both take time to get committed to each other but once they make a promise, they keep it till their last breathe. Taurus woman has a heart of gold which respects her man and keeps him happy in every phase of life. She is almost like the Capricorn male to whom his family and home are the most important things in life. Her mature and understanding attitude makes her a more promising mate for the Capricorn male.

Together, they enjoy a stable and gradually growing relation with each other. She keeps his home in the best of the shape and takes good care of his children. They both raise their children with mutual love and support. Gradually, with her love and care, he becomes more expressive. He assures her of a healthy marriage and keeps her warm with his love. She finds her soul mate in him and he truly meets all her expectations with the best of his efforts. He respects his lady and appreciates her efforts in making his home a wonderful warm place. She needs to understand that he may not always be very open about his feelings. With time, their bond intensifies and beautifies as the couple transcends into a more promising and comforting zone of love.

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