Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman

Both Capricorn and Virgo being earth signs have many things in common. Both are very responsible and try to handle things with care and concern except for Virgo being more critical at times. They have mutual respect and appreciation for each other, making life smooth for every possible relationship they share.

Virgo are people with sharp intellect and sensible approach who prefer quality over quantity. They are very vacillating, analytical, pessimistic and judgmental towards everything around them. Through the eyes of Virgo all there is to see are problems and imperfection. They focus on the difficulties with themselves, their friends, their family and the big one the glitches of the world. But they usually also have solution to all problems with their unwavering and hands-on ways. Virgo almost always have respect for the laws of the land. They obey and submit to authority. They try to lead simplistic morale lives. They require challenge and responsibility to find any relationship meaningful. Virgo can be critical, cranky and restless seeming up tight and humorless and always analyze all the things from every possible angle.

Capricorn are very sovereign and committed individuals with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally they lead an ambitious life and pursue all the ambitions fiercely. They destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way to success. They are very cautious and reserved. Capricorn keep themselves pretty much buried within their own life and work. They don’t speak out much, but when they do one can see their wit and wisdom pour out with their words. They are also very close to their family and others whom they adore. Capricorn always have stability in their lives. They are often stingy with their money no matter how much they make. Capricorn are masterminds at masking their emotions and feelings and hence are sometimes misunderstood and considered to be very shallow people.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

In terms of mythological archetypes, the Sage and the Healer are a terrific match for one another. Capricorn has wisdom born of experience and maturity to share with Virgo; Virgo has insight, imagination and nurturing healing abilities to share with Capricorn. This couple respect one another, and it shows. Capricorn and Virgo compatibility operates in a very traditional manner, with all the old fashioned graces and courtesies you might expect from these signs, but livened up with a dash of Capricorn’s dry wit and Virgo’s imaginative ideas.

Altogether, an enduring and mutually satisfying relationship then, this one. However, since both Capricorn and Virgo are slightly reticent about showing their feelings, both partners need to be careful to offer physical affection and words of love to one another on a regular basis. It’s all very well knowing, deep down, that one is loved and valued, but even Capricorn and Virgo need to hear it or feel it sometimes. Provided this couple find a way to channel their deeper emotions communicatively to one another, Capricorn and Virgo compatibility appears to be one of the zodiac’s success stories.

Capricorn and Virgo prove to be great together. They have almost same desires and outlook towards the world around them. They go well hand in hand in any possible relationship, if once they get a chance to share their inner selves with each other. Capricorn and Virgo are both responsible and careful with money and both of them enjoy climbing the social ladder of prestige. Both have a sense of arrogance thinking they are better than others but for each other, they have a sense of respect and admiration. Neither of the two lacks common sense. They both have a good head on their shoulders but often fall short in the area of emotional communication. They both desire respect from their lovers, friends and family and love to give the same in return. Since neither of them is a leader by nature, both of them are ready to be followers in the sense that they do anything to fit in with the other.

They are both sweet and gentle beings. A Capricorn requires careful deliberation before making any decision, and so does the Virgo. A Virgo may help with the Capricorn’s communication issues. Also Capricorn typically seeks the advice of the Virgo. Capricorn also helps the Virgo to be more open towards their personal life. They are drawn together by their shy and reserved mannerism, while being far more alike than different. Capricorn and Virgo are great at communicating with one another. They are able to put their emotions to the side and speak and think rationally. At times they can both be seen as cold and unsympathetic towards others. They are able to understand each other’s wants and needs. Neither Capricorn, nor the Virgo, desire being the commander and chief, so there is no struggle for leadership roles and thus they have peaceful togetherness.

When the relationships are shared by Capricorn and Virgo, they make out some of the ever lasting camaraderie leading to happy and healthy relations. As friends, siblings and colleagues, they are excellent supports and helpers of each other. They can guide one another and understand each other’s dreams and desires. As business partners, they can have successful business as both are very hard working and goal oriented. As relatives, they can be some of the best buddies who share their experiences and stand with each other in all problems of life. Whether parents or children, they create a magic in their family with their love and concern for each other. When in love or in married relationship, Capricorn and Virgo make one of the best couple with lots in common and lots to give to each other.

Every relationship has its pros and cons and so does this one too. Though they are most compatible in many ways but they also have their differences. While Virgo hate the stubbornness of Capricorn, it is hard for the Capricorn to cope up with the criticism of Virgo. They are also easily annoyed by Virgo’s excessive talking and worry wart personality and their attitude to avoid binding relations. The ambitious nature of Capricorn sometimes brings out their selfish attitude which is also strongly disliked by Virgo so they have to face a few difficulties with each other. But since Capricorn and Virgo, both have forgiving natures and can come up with a solution to make things peaceful. This allows for good communication between them. They are able to share stuff they would not be able to tell others. They know one another’s secrets, which allow them to build a strong foundation together. They are great at achieving their goals together and making peace at crisis situations.

Marriage Between Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman

There are so many similarities between a Virgo female and Capricorn male that they don’t take much time to decide on their marriage. They share an amazing understanding since the start of their relationship. Both the partners share high values and show highest levels of dedication in their marriage. She is a decent lady with a calm nature which makes her an ideal partner for the Capricorn man. He knows that she will take the best care of his house and family and will make it a better place to be. She is always there to support him in every venture of his life and loves to participate in his decisions. He also adores her and makes her feel comfortable.

They both are able to create a perfect family and they both make wonderful parents who are able to provide their kids with the best of the environment at home. They both long for a stable life and work in accordance to achieve this goal. Both the partners keep each other very happy by reciprocating to the love and concern they have for each other with utmost care and dedication. With the passage of time, their relationship blooms like a beautiful garden spreading its fragrance in the environment.

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