Jupiter in Capricorn

If you have Jupiter in Capricorn, your positive qualities are honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, ingenuity, resourcefulness and some degree of mechanical ability. Your attempts at growth, expansion, meeting new opportunities and getting ahead in the world are met with reserve, discipline, caution, system, practicality and organization. You have a desire for material success, yet this may not bring satisfaction or happiness if gained. There may be a tendency toward miserliness and withholding yourself from the rest of the world, financially and emotionally. You hate waste, are self-reliant and self-controlled, and possess a desire to have authority over others. You can rise to great heights if you stay honest, truthful, respectful, and keep your nose clean doing everything above-board.

With Jupiter in Capricorn you’re a natural executive, cautious, deliberate, practical, very ambitious, and tend to tailor your personal philosophy to suit your ambition. Jupiter’s natural expansiveness is often impaired in Capricorn, however, so you may need to develop more givingness of feelings, material things and money. It’s not so much that you have to give away what you have indiscriminately, but rather that you may have a miserly attitude with (or be fearful about) what you do have to give. What we give out comes back to us, and you may need to change your attitude before you can have material or emotional plenty.

Planets in Capricorn