Neptune in Capricorn

With Neptune in Capricorn, there may be a flair for the creative use of natural material. This placing makes for a determined but cautious individual who will not likely be vulnerable to the escapist tendencies of Neptune. Not likely to take the easy way out of difficult situations.

Neptune was in Capricorn for everyone on Earth from January 1984 through January 1998 (and August through November 1998 as well), the first time since before the Civil War. During this period we saw the dissolving and dissolution of old governments and national boundaries (the iron curtain and the Soviet Union), and governmental philosophies (Communism) throughout the world. This was accompanied by an upsurge of idealism (Neptune) into these old forms (Capricorn). Since this symbolizes the entrance of the spirit or the ideal into form and structure, advanced souls incarnated while Neptune was in Capricorn. These individuals will take positions of statesmen and women, educators, healers, and spiritual leaders. We began to witness the sea tapped for minerals at that time.

Planets in Capricorn