Saturn in Capricorn

If you have Saturn in Capricorn, you are ambitious, self-controlled and you have organizing ability. You can be a disciplined, patient, hard worker who eventually receives the deserved rewards. There is a tendency to take life very seriously and duty and responsibility are very important to you. You understand that time and suffering serve a purpose and that happiness is not the final goal of existence. You may find it difficult to divide your energies between work and play. You have the ability to translate abstract concepts into concrete terms. You may experience feelings of loneliness and inadequacy and that could be one reason why you tend to work so long and hard. On the negative side, prestige and social standing may be extremely important to you and you will be tempted to do whatever you have to in order to acquire them. Selfishness and a great love and desire for power can also be present.

Saturn is the tester, and for souls born with Saturn in Capricorn the test is in humility and the use of power. You have a great love of power and the desire to dominate others, but need to learn to let power flow through you and feel yourself as its instrument rather than the great dictator. You are ambitious and clear-headed with practical matters, and have foresight and organizational ability. If afflicted, you tend to be solitary, serious, suspicious, selfish and egotistical. If unafflicted, you are strong, persistent, and responsible, and may be an evolved soul with none of the negative qualities mentioned here. Prestige and social standing will be very important to some. Your strong sense of duty can be very grim if you haven’t found joy in the accomplishment. Too much holding on and selfishness can manifest as arthritic conditions in your body. A way out of feeling lonely and limited is through service and greater givingness.

Planets in Capricorn