Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn natives have the desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand on their own two feet in order to work out their ambitions and their salvation. They are conservative, organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, honest, efficient, patient, practical, authoritative, disciplined, serious and goal-oriented. On the negative side they can be worried, pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. They are happiest in careers calling for organizing ability, integrity and perseverance. They have a fear of failure.

Their quiet exterior makes Capricorn natives appear to be loners. They build a wall of reserve around them in order to protect themselves from the ill winds of the world around them. Nothing gets in the way of their plans and ambitions. They strive for security by holding fast to duty and responsibility. Work is very important to them and they do not take it lightly. Many Capricorn natives have an inferiority complex and this sometimes is what drives them so hard to succeed. They want to look good in front of the world.

Capricorn natives like to plan their every move, weighing all the pros and cons of any issue in advance. They are dependable, particularly in a crisis. When asked, they give sound, practical advice. They are, as a rule, not aggressive people, and only express hostility as a defense when attacked.

At times Capricorn natives can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone as if no one understands them. A negative Capricorn will seek retribution for wrongs done him. Capricorn natives need people, but they have a tendency to isolate themselves from people due to their reserve and fear of being hurt. They can be very loyal to close friends and people they care about. Respect and recognition is important to them. Encouragement and praise are essential for motivating a Capricorn.

A fear of being without material things makes it mandatory that Capricorn natives have a regular income. Their attainments in life are accomplished through steady progress rather than through speculation or get-rich-quick schemes. They have strong self-discipline and nothing turns them from their course if their mind is made up. They will give up many pleasures in order to reach their goals. Hard work invigorates them. Capricorn natives are thrifty and like to collect things. They abhor waste. This includes wasting a lot of talk in idle chatter. Capricorn natives speak when they have something to say.

Capricorn natives can be creative but they must at times learn to overcome their own self-doubts and lack of confidence. Pessimism in their own abilities can hold them back. They must learn to believe in themselves and become optimistic. There is no mountain they cannot climb if that is what they desire to do.

Capricorn natives have a lot of patience, which is good, because many of their plans meet with delays, setbacks and obstacles. This teaches them obedience, which is thus helping them to strive for spiritual attainment rather than material attainment. For them, work is therapeutic and is probably the best medicine for whatever ails them, except overwork, which they are prone to do. It is difficult for a Capricorn to really relax. They are happiest when busy, even in their spare time.

Capricorn natives are thoughtful, self-contained people. Lacking, perhaps, some of the personal magnetism of some of the other zodiac signs, they are nevertheless quite tactful, compassionate and warmhearted. Their own personal sufferings help them identify with the sufferings of others. In love, Capricorn natives are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but usually they feel inhibited in expressing their emotions. They are cautious in making a total commitment until they know that the traits and lifestyle of the possible partner are compatible with theirs. Once married, they seldom divorce because they feel that any situation can be worked out, if only worked at hard enough.

Capricorn is Cardinal Earth; its keyword is "I use". Symbolized by the solitary mountain goat, climbing persistently and alone to the heights, it rules the skin, bones and knees. Capricorns can embody the highest or the lowest aspects of human nature. You have clear vision and can see what to do. Objective, businesslike, reliable, far-sighted, and not too emotional, you take life seriously and are a great provider. Ambitious, practical, efficient, dependable, patient and persistent, you’ll work long and hard to achieve your goals. Materialism is very important for the power it can wield and the respect it can buy. You’re apt to be self-centered and want your own way regardless of others feelings. You’re sober and orderly, and not above manipulation to achieve that all-important power and control.

Planets in Capricorn